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Digital Marketing: The future of the contact center is leaving now (Prediction 4)

This is the fourth in a series of 5 blogs summarizing a recent HP Autonomy webcast on Contact Center Management.


The previous post in this series summarized Steve Graff’s third prediction for the contact center in 2014 - Prediction #3: Customer experience continues to drive differentiation.


To recap: Steve Graff, the VP Technology and Chief Architect for HP Autonomy’s Contact Center Management solutions, recently gazed into the future of the contact center and shared his predictions in a webcast.


Steve’s fourth prediction should come as no surprise following the “Great Breach” that occurred recently when data security at both Target and Neiman-Marcus was compromised and vast amounts of sensitive customer data were stolen. As Steve put it, “If you think it was bad before, it’s only going to get worse,” because scrutiny of your security and compliance procedures will become increasingly intense.




Prediction #4: Compliance gets the process it needs


Today’s data storage and presentation regulations require an unprecedented level of compliance. You already knew this. Yet when was the last time you conducted a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance audit? It will be required sooner rather than later, and you need to be prepared on many levels to conduct and pass such an audit.


For this reason, you need to get with the program now. PCI and HIPPA compliance regulations require not only that credit card and other customer-sensitive data be properly recorded and stored, but that this information be redacted from the archived and current customer files when being accessed by those who do not have security level clearance.


HP Qfiniti 10 ICE.png 

The HP Qfiniti 10 ICE module safeguards customer-sensitive data with auto-redaction in both voice recordings and within contact center forms.


When it comes to PCI and HIPPA regulations, the contact center is right in the middle of the compliance requirements because so much critical short- and long-term information is generated as part of customer interaction activities. In addition, it should be obvious after reading the previous posts in this series that this is an omnichannel issue for the contact center: Sensitive customer data gathered across multiple touchpoints must be included in your secure collection and archiving strategy.


Intelligence must therefore be built into data retention policies through automated, smart tagging. In this context, for example, promotional or sales interactions might be deleted after 90 days but transactional data will need to be stored much longer as required, while keeping in mind that all of your stored data is “e-discoverable” in a court of law. Basically, aging is inevitable, even for data, and you must have the appropriate retention policies built into your contact center workflows.


Monitoring your own business processes

Which brings up another important point made by Steve during his presentation: Compliance necessarily includes your own business processes. In other words, contact center managers, agents, and systems need to monitor compliance in both regulated and internally mandated processes. Activities need to be captured and analyzed across the entire workforce. Interactions must therefore be monitored for performance evaluations while processes are examined for best practice and adherence. For example, your business process might mandate that a credit score be checked before approving a loan, but how do you know that is being done?


HP Qfiniti 10, by providing auto-redaction of sensitive customer information, auto-tagging for intelligent data retention, and workflow monitoring for internal process adherence, offers industry-leading technology for the 21st-century enterprise that must address increasing regulatory scrutiny.


Visit to learn more about our Contact Center Management solution about how HP Qfiniti 10 can help ensure that your contact center is meeting both regulated and internally mandated compliance policies.


What’s next?

I’ll summarize the last of Steve Graff’s five predictions for the contact center in 2014 in my next post. Don’t miss out in learning how Big Data becomes manageable.


And be sure to check out the entire on-demand recording of Steve Graff’s webcast, The Future Of The Contact Center Is Leaving Now.



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