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Digital Marketing: The blind men and the elephant

As a marketer, your customers are painting increasingly rich pictures of themselves through the data you have access to. But depending on which part of that data you interact with, you might get a very different idea of who that customer is—rather like the story of the blind men and an elephant.


In that parable, a group of blind men try to learn about an elephant through touch. Each feels a different part of the animal and draws his own conclusions. When they compare notes, the blind men find they are in complete disagreement as to what an elephant is really like. In some versions of the story, they don’t even realize they’re blind and are only “seeing” part of the elephant until a sighted man walks by and describes the entire elephant to the group.


To increase sales and ROI on advertising, marketers need to be able to see the whole elephant. But this is only possible if you canunderstand and treat each customer as an individual whenever they interact with your business, whether that happens offline or online. The challenge is similar to the elephant in the story—his size and variations. Only the elephant is your information, and there’s an overwhelming and rapidly increasing amount of it to understand.


While your different marketing teams may currently be doing the best they can to handle all your various channels of information, received through different applications and networks, your business is probably understanding less and less of your customers as a whole.


Now you can see the entire elephant

HP helps marketers by bringing together all your businesses customer data, regardless of where it is in the business or which application uses it.  You can discover where you should be focusing your efforts to deliver against specific business outcomes, and how to use those insights to take action and drive results. And all of this is possible through powerful, accessible software based in the secure HP cloud. 

Marketers, it is absolutely possible to gain actionable insights from the mountains of disparate data flooding the marketplace. 


Since your customers don’t live in silos, why should your data?


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