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Digital Marketing: HP Autonomy at the Sundance Film Festival 2014 - Part 3

In my previous blog posts, I talked about our social media command center and how we choose where to listen and what to listen for, but there remains an obvious question. What is a “Social Media Command Center”?


If you do a Google image search for “social media command center”, you will see the common elements that make up these installations. Set back and across the top, is an array of large attractive monitors showing all sorts of social data: streaming Tweets, word clouds, trend lines, pie charts, bar charts, maps, etc. Across the bottom, you see a team of eager, young people with smaller screens analyzing the incoming data and pushing content to the big screens above them.


All of this excitement is viewable from behind the row of analysts; where onlookers can look up at the big screens on the other side and observe what is going on. On the surface, our ExploreCloud setup at Sundance appears similar, but it is actually radically different in many ways; especially when it comes to that bottom half.


hacked Circuit.jpg

Hacked Circuit by Deborah Stratman


Those large monitors are very important, because their role is to convey—at a glance—what is happening, what people are thinking and feeling, what is changing, and where attention and energies should be allocated. They should also entertain.


For Sundance, we have a nice tight array: three touch-enabled monitors stacked on the left, a long portrait touch display down the middle, and another three touch monitors stacked on the right. It fits the venue nicely. All of these are mounted on a wall that anyone can walk up to. But, we don’t have that row of analysts sitting between you and the insights…I’ll talk more about why that is later on.


ExploreCloud comes with a set of “live analytics” web pages that fill up those monitors. I really just needed to decide what subsets of content (from the very wide net we cast) to show on each screen. I chose:

  • A map zoomed into Park City, showing pin-drops for each social post or check-in, and color-coded with positive or negative sentiment.
  • Independent, constantly streaming rolls for news, blogs, and social posts, and another for links that people are sharing.
  • A list of the most influential Tweeters using the popular word-cloud format. I chose to show the person’s name instead of their handle.
  • A volume counter and day-over-day trend lines. Also trend lines showing social versus news posts
  • Sentiment trend lines for the festival overall, and then for selected topics such as the new eWaitlist system.
  • Scrolling pictures being shared. You just tap on it and the picture zooms for a few seconds. For this one I’m limiting it to social pictures actually shared in Park City and cutting out the re-Tweet/blogs. Those settings make the march of images more personal and varied and it also eliminates the spammers.
  • Two different doughnut charts showing what people are being talked about: one for social and forums, and the second for news and blogs. These spinning wheels give counts to show the actor/director/personality names. It’s pretty interesting to see the contrast between what news people are interested in, versus what the social chatter shows.
  • A few different ways (nodes, word-cloud, map) to explore the concepts with individual ones for news, blogs and social. Concepts are one of the key features of our IDOL engine behind ExploreCloud. I’ll talk about this more later.

Here’s a quick picture of the final setup that I snapped with my phone:




The touch brings a bit of entertainment to the wall; they let anyone walk up and directly interact with the data. And they do! They zoom fun pictures, tap on the map to see a check-in, touch a celebrity name, change the date, and more. Then they take a picture of the wall, share it on Facebook, and wait for it to scroll by (then take another picture).


As you can see from my phone picture, the data is flowing in. I’ll get into that with my next posts.


#HPDMB #Sundance #hpsundancehouse #sundancefilmfestival


Edited by Robin Hardy

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