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Digital Marketing: HP Autonomy Web Content Management – Performance Not Promises

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The digital marketing software market is fairly frothy these days. Every week we read of more VC funding, more acquisitions by the tech industry giants, and more promises that the Chief Marketing Officer will soon become more important than the Chief Information Officer in terms of IT spend.


While we love to see the excitement for a market that HP Autonomy pioneered – going back to our days at Interwoven – we’re also seeing vendors make a lot of promises, but not deliver much on reality and results.


Some of our competitors, such as Adobe, like to spend a lot of money on high-end events for CMO’s. These events feature compelling speakers who show off colorful and highly scripted, canned demos – which often can't be implemented due to performance degradation and architecture limitations that render them incapable of working within complex marketing ecosystems.  


We’re more than happy to see our competition spend their money this way.


Meanwhile, we’re focused on investing in products and services that result in real-measurable business performance, and that marketers AND information technology leaders love.


This is why we continue to win strategic deals and take market share for our digital marketing business. For instance, in the airline industry alone, we now have eight major carriers that have standardized on HP Autonomy. In speaking with our sales team and our customers, I consistently hear the same reasons for why businesses choose our web content management solution – scale, integration, and results.


Scale – our solution excels in high-volume, high transaction, multi-channel and multi-site deployments.

Integration – our solution provides seamless integration with a wide array of systems and applications, that organizations depend on to run their business – ecommerce engines, product catalogues, digital asset management solutions, social media analytics, security systems, and more.

Results – ultimately, what matters most to businesses is how technology helps them increase customer engagement, conversions, and ultimately revenue. For instance,


OVUM-report.jpgThis HP Autonomy “Performance not Promises” mantra was validated once again this week by Ovum, a leading industry analyst firm that covers the digital marketing and content management markets. In their annual “Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Web Content Management Solution, 2014 – 2015” HP Autonomy was named the clear leader, ahead of Adobe, IBM, OpenText, Oracle, Sitecore and several others.


You can download the report here.


We received top scores in the Technology Radar section of the report, in which Ovum recognized our strengths in architecture and administration, analytics, core capabilities, digital asset management, mobile, personalization, and social capabilities. We also received recognition for the completeness of our solution, including integration with site search and intelligent content delivery through the HP Intelligent Data Operating Layer, targeted print capabilities through HP Exstream, and more.


Here is Ovum’s Decision Matrix graphic:




In a market that sometimes falls victim to hype and glitz, HP Autonomy has remained a constant and steady presence in digital marketing. Our deep and extensive suite delights marketers AND information technology folks. So, don’t get bamboozled by pretty interfaces and big nights at the bar. When selecting a digital marketing suite, ask the hard questions around enterprise-readiness, scale, overall product strategy, and ultimately, the results of clients.


When competing on those terms, we’re ready to take on anyone.


Please visit our website to learn more about how HP Autonomy’s digital marketing solutions deliver scale, integration, and results for businesses.



Benjamin Chong | ‎04-14-2014 11:43 AM

Good to see TeamSite back on top where it belongs. TeamSite is the clear market leader in content management systems, and it is well ahead of Day Software's Adobe product. Adobe should spend less of its $$ on big parties and more on fixing its terrible products which are based on proprietary standards no one has ever heard of. 


I would love to see more thought leadership from Interwoven on products like TeamCode, TeamPortal, and TeamXML. My company is using TeamPortal to connect with Plumtree, and we'd like to learn more about how to use it.


Farooq Zama | ‎04-14-2014 04:33 PM

Indeed Randy! Someone famous once said - " True merit, like a river, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes." That is so true of the TeamSite Digital Marketing product line. It is heartening to see HP place it's focus on this product line and customers seeing the clear distinction from other competing products. I see the following as critical advantages of the TeamSite product line over the noisy competition - 

Stability - I recently came across a TeamSite instance that was running for over 400 consequtive days without a reboot!


Enterprise adoption - An organization brought together departments from over 30 countries to use the single web publishing platform (TeamSite) to deliver dynamic content across all their web properties!


Control of customer experience - An organization with localized footprint in every state of the US and some european countries, uses segmentation and targeting to provide a personalized, rich experience for each of their webpresence.


What a range of customers!


To the earlier commentor, Benjamin, I would recommend migrating to LiveSite Content Services, which provides a rich REST interface over TeamPortal - my 2 c

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