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Digital Marketing: Big Data? Big Win for the Contact Center

The AMA webcast  which my HP Autonomy colleague, Steven Graff, presented on July 16 (see my previous post on where I reference this) proved to be an informative and thought-provoking event.


The topic of Big Data is clearly a draw for marketers and the IT professionals who support the technologies that marketers use to create superior customer experiences. So it is no surprise that a webcast with the title of Turn Big Data Into A Big Win For The Contact Center would draw a large audience. With this as the focus of his presentation, Steve made a compelling case for how important it is that the contact center be connected to the various enterprise databases and customer profile repositories. It is only by connecting siloed data that a comprehensive, real-time understanding of customers can be achieved.


Definitely check out the recording of Steve’s presentation.


Starting off with an initial poll of the 145 attendees, it is clear that Big Data is a challenge in terms of complexity (or making sense of all that information) and insight (or figuring out how to discover real insight buried deep in all that data). Which doesn’t come as a surprise, and based on the poll results shown below, the challenges of volume and variety don’t lag far behind in terms of critical importance to the enterprise. It is important to note that this was a one choice poll, so the respondents picked their main challenge related to Big Data. I suspect that, given an opportunity to choose multiple answers, we would have found that the attendees are struggling with all of these challenges to some degree.


 AMA Qfiniti 1.png


After commenting on this initial polling question, Steve went on to cover the challenges of Big Data and the importance of being able to make sense of unstructured data, or what we refer to at HP Autonomy as “human information.” It really is the “800 lb. gorilla in the room” when it comes to Big Data because the explosion of enterprise data is largely the consequence of all that text, audio, video and social information that we and our friends, prospects and customers are out there creating every minute of every day.


But here’s an interesting statistic that was featured in the presentation: “For contact centers, voice communication is still the most important measurement tool, as they collect more audio in one day than twitter does in five months, which is why software for analyzing such data volume is vital.” (Ashley Caputo, TMCnet Web Editor)


Unless the contact center is part of our responsibility as marketers or IT professionals, we probably don’t pay much attention to the importance of voice communication when it comes to understanding our customers. This certainly seems to be the case when we look at the results of the second polling question that Steve asked:


AMA Qfiniti 2.png



Of those responding to the poll, only 13+ percent had a speech analytics solution up and running within their organization or were planning to implement one. A full 78+ percent did not even have a speech analytics program in their plans.


Certainly this is an alarming poll result, but it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise because in most organizations lots of interesting data is probably being collected, but it all too often is locked away in siloed repositories:


 AMA Qfiniti 3.png


In this diagram, there is that Contact Center, isolated down in the lower corner -- despite the fact that the contact center is one of the most important repositories of customer intelligence because it is very often the front line of customer service interactions.


Steve made an important observation about these siloed data repositories, an observation that certainly resonated with the crowd who asked about it during the Q&A and tweeted about it during the webcast: when the various data sources are connected, when marketers can extract meaning from multichannel sources, that is where the challenge of Big Data insight is overcome. In the connection the sweet spot of insight is found, and we are able to uncover an understanding of our customers that we didn’t even know to look for.


So the question for you is this: are you meeting the challenge of Big Data by connecting all that volume and variety of data, are you making sense of it all and uncovering real business value in those sweet spots of insight? If not, get that speech analytics program up and running – and get it connected to all that other information you are collecting. Your customers will glad that you did.


As I mentioned above, you can learn more about Big Data and how it relates to the contact center by viewing the recording of Steve’s presentation.


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