unsatisfied symbol "disksort_seconds" in file /usr/conf/lib/libhp-ux.a[ufs_dsort.o] (154 Views)
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Ike Leong
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unsatisfied symbol "disksort_seconds" in file /usr/conf/lib/libhp-ux.a[ufs_dsort.o]


I inherited support on an L3000 on 11.0, anytime I try to regen the kernel I get:

ld: Unsatisfied symbol "disksort_seconds" in file /usr/conf/lib/libhp-ux.a[ufs_dsort.o]

I've already checked on kmine and various hp internal sites for trouble shooting this, but
I can't seem to find the problem and the fix.
any help would be great

thanks much;
ike Leong
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Stephen Keane
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Re: unsatisfied symbol "disksort_seconds" in file /usr/conf/lib/libhp-ux.a[ufs_dsort.o]

Do you have a file /usr/conf/lib/libfs.a ?
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Cheryl Griffin
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Re: unsatisfied symbol "disksort_seconds" in file /usr/conf/lib/libhp-ux.a[ufs_dsort.o]

disksort_seconds is associated with PHKL_21678 (s700_800 11.00 Disk sort algorithm fix for slow io response).

Is it installed?
# swlist -l fileset -a state |grep 21678

If not it should be. Sounds like patches were installed but did not include all of the necessary dependencies.

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Vishwas Pai
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Re: unsatisfied symbol "disksort_seconds" in file /usr/conf/lib/libhp-ux.a[ufs_dsort.o]

This was a newly introduced tunable for disk
head sorting algorithm (PHKL_21678). I think
it is a patch installation or patch dependency

Do you get the following ?

# what /usr/conf/lib/libhp-ux.a | grep -i PHKL_21678

ufs_dsort.c $Date: 2000/05/30 12:35:51 $Revision: r11ros/4 PATCH_11.00 (PHKL_21678)

# kmtune -q disksort_seconds
Parameter Value
disksort_seconds 0

HTH -vishwas
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