ulimit and ORA-27092 (631 Views)
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ulimit and ORA-27092

ORA-27092: size of file exceeds file size limit of the process
Cause: an attempt was made to open a file that exceeds the process's file size limit (ulimit), additional information shows the current limit (logical blocks) and the size of the file (logical blocks)

I read the ulimit threads I could find but none seemed to reference the file size limit change. I know that it can be done in the /etc/profile or user's .profile. Just need the switch, or how to get the man page that actually has the flags.


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Re: ulimit and ORA-27092

Hi Leam:

The options to 'ulimit' (as viewable and settable) by a shell are documented in the 'sh-posix(1)' manpages.



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Re: ulimit and ORA-27092

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any chance on reporting on youe o/s env, shell etc oh and what you were doing at the time of the error ?

fyi http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/Databases/skgfofi-size-of-file-exceeds-file-size-limit-of-the-process/m...

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Re: ulimit and ORA-27092

What does "ulimit -a" show?
For file you probably want "unlimited", which is the default.

So you need to look at /etc/profile or ~/.profile to find where it is restricted.
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Re: ulimit and ORA-27092

Actually, the DBA may have found a different error. The *.dbf file is 9G plus a little in size, and set to grow as needed. However, it's growth step is 2G and it's on a 10G filesystem. They're checking it out now.

However, I do like the answers! My forte is not HP/UX, as you might guess. :)

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