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Updating from 10.10 to 10.20

Hello All,
Recently we ran into a problem when updating from 10.10 to 10.20.
During the install phase we recieved the error "kernal to large cannot boot".
We ended up reinstalling 10.10 and recovering files from backup tape. In
gathering information on 10.20, I found out that the new kernal size is based
on the current size.
I also know that awhile back, we installed patch PHKL_14280 which enabled us to
boot a larger kernal. Would this have anything to due with our problem?? How
would I go about reducing our current kernal size, without harming are current
system?? How would I find out what drivers aren't needed?? I was also told, I
could split the mirror. What are the steps in splitting mirroring and
recovering from the mirror? I have read everything I can find on kernal
parameters, drivers and splitting lv. But, I cannot find detailed steps. We
were already burned once on this update that should have been simple. Can
anyone help me??
HP K220
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Re: Updating from 10.10 to 10.20

Never mind.
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Re: Updating from 10.10 to 10.20


You raised 2 issues:
- Kernel too large
- Splitting root

We recently had a similar problem on 11.x, and what actually happened was that
the kernel became too big for the first RAM module. What we did to fix was to
systematically reduce the kernel params that cause dedicated memory tables to
be formed: ninode, maxfiles, maxusers, etc., until we had a bootable kernel.
In your case, I'd go for a minimal kernel, and adjust upwards until you are
able to run every app. and database that should run, as well as accomodate
interactive logins. Maybe you should look at one of the tuned parameter sets
available under SAM on 10.x?

When you mention splitting root, I assume you want to split the mirror, and
then upgrade the old mirror disks to the latest UX level? That is possible
using lvsplit, and mounting the split lvols onto new mount points (eg:
/newroot, /newstand, /newusr, and so on.). Then modify the /etc files on the
new mounted filesystems that need to be modified (/etc/fstab, and so on), and
boot onto the new boot disk. There is a write-up somewhere on HP's web sites
that explains the process.
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Re: Updating from 10.10 to 10.20

There is nothing like to burn your fingers while upgrading form HP UX 10.10 to
10.20.What you have to do is just increase the kernel size in 10.20 .To do this
go into /usr/conf/gen .Open config.sys file here and grab SZLIMIT
parameter.Increase its size to newone swinstall is asking for or the estimated
size of new kernel.And there you go smoothly with HPUX 10.20.

To split mirror use lvsplit and corresponding logical volumes as an arugmets to

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