Open3D PAK for mere mortals (hobbyists) (169 Views)
Marcin 'Rambo' Roguski
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Open3D PAK for mere mortals (hobbyists)

Is there any way for a hobbyst with tru64 non commercial license to get GLX working? My AS600 just got a nice Powerstorm 4D60T, which works, but obviously doesn't have any form of direct rendering/XV/OpenGL acceleration because of no PAK available.

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Steven Schweda
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Re: Open3D PAK for mere mortals (hobbyists)

My guess is that you're out of luck.
Considering that they've cut off even patch
access for us peons, I'd be a little amazed
if you could get some actual product out of

Sometime around three years ago, I tried to
wheedle a (free) PAK for C++ out of HP, to
use on _my_ Non-Commercial Tru64 system. I
did get a response, but I was told that they
"no longer provide a hobbyist license for
Tru64 UNIX". I ended up with some help, but
not a C++ PAK. You might try submitting a
request at one of the Web "feedback" forms.
There might still be someone left who gets
those messages. (Ask about a C++ PAK while
you're at it, and let me know if you get any
further than I did.)
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