Favorite ITRC Forums threads (2784 Views)
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Bill Hassell
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Favorite ITRC Forums threads

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To maintain the highest level of usable content in the new Communities, I would like Forums users to post your favorite thread URLs. They can be great answers, great explanations, great attachments. These URLs will then be pushed to the top for conversion so they will continue to function. Here's a one of my favorite topics:

Favorite sysadmin scripts






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Hakki Aydin Ucar
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Re: Favorite ITRC Forums threads

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Thanks for the idea , even though lots of favorite this one is useful:

A Greasemonkey script for BSC documents

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James R. Ferguson
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Re: Favorite ITRC Forums threads

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Hi Bill:

There are your own contributions:

bdfmegs version 5.8 available


And the infamous one from Clay [which I believe is the last version posted]:

Date Calculation Failed


And a number of fine scripts from VK2COT

ONE PROPOSAL AND ONE ENQUIRY: OAT script and Universe DB on HP-UX cluster

SMALL GIFT TO UNIX COMMUNITY: Perl script for add batch users

SUMMARY: Three simple methods to mount ISO files on HP-UX 11.31

FREE PERL SCRIPT: Non-Interactive bulk root password change on HP-UX servers



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Re: Favorite ITRC Forums threads

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Michael Leu
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Re: Favorite ITRC Forums threads

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...all of those posts are my favorites! :-)

Also there is a great big thread about the Firmware DVD:
> PXE Boot Image from an ISO

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Favorite ITRC Forums threads

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Shalom Bill,

I have a number of favorites:

Password free ssh


Kernel compiling procedures


Recipe for DVD based Ignite Recovery boot disk.


See my favorites for many more.


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Hakki Aydin Ucar
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Re: Favorite ITRC Forums threads

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On second thought, favorite sysadmin scripts you always keep around :

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Pete Randall
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Re: Favorite ITRC Forums threads


That's one of the 3 versions of "Favorite Sysadmin Threads" that Bill mentioned when he opened this thread. I don't think he's counting votes, but you never know.


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Hakki Aydin Ucar
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Re: Favorite ITRC Forums threads

sorry Bill , I missed out you already entered this link.
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Duncan Edmonstone
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Re: Favorite ITRC Forums threads

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A great post on how to convert between different power measurements (kVA ot kW):



worth preserving as great info, but also because it's one of the funniest threads we've ever had. Boy we miss Clay's input...

And one blowing my own trumpet - why you shouldn't do heavy sequential IO on system disks (and what to do about it if you really can't avoid it):





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V. Nyga
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Re: Favorite ITRC Forums threads

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@Duncan - KVA vs. KW was one of my farorites too :-)

MY favorite - U.SivaKumar's 'daring question':
also it seems like it was cut very much (?)

Also interesting:
U.SivaKumar's 'greatest blunders':

About UNIX history:


and about HP-UX license transfers:

*Good old times ...*

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Viktor Balogh
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Re: Favorite ITRC Forums threads

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here are the posts which made me laugh, see the last posts in both topic:

I learned about the new "root is less than dirt" NFS option here, thanks to Dannis :)


and here are some alternative methods from Steven to test a hammer :)

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Hein van den Heuvel
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Re: Favorite ITRC Forums threads

I just stumbled into a good ITRC thread albeit not in the forums: The HPUX Handbook chapters:


You could consider those a threat to the forum threads, because if folks would just (know where to) read they'd be all set, not needing the forums.

Introduction PDF:


A couple of bloobers (on 5/17/2011)

emr_na-c01037984 HPVM ---> displays intro instead
emr_na-c01037881 Network service - not found
emr_na-c01037913 LVM ---> displays intro instead


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Michael Steele_2
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Re: Favorite ITRC Forums threads

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Ismail Azad
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Re: Favorite ITRC Forums threads

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Greetings ITRCians,

Well here are some of my favorites...

Some striking differences pointed out about a cluster lock disk/ lock lun..



Some of bill hassell's comments on the bit bucket and other special device files



SEPs humorous technology story


The act of destroying confidential data...


And then Clay said holidays...



Ismail Azad

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Mel Burslan
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Re: Favorite ITRC Forums threads

Sorry to re-hash this old thread, but is there a master document or anything similar to that, showing a mapping for these favorite sysadmin scripts and whatever else marked as forum favorites ? The site search, together with being a smidgen better than the ITRC's legacy search engine, still leaves a lot to be desired. I have searched for some keywords that I know existed in the context of the same thread and found nothing.

Thanks in advance for all the help.

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Re: Favorite ITRC Forums threads

Thanks for the great effort to bring this back :)

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