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Recent statistics show that almost half of breaches that cause material damage occur via applications. HP Fortify provides software and services that help organization secure applications to prevent those attacks. This blog serves as a platform for our penetration testers, product managers and marketers, and software engineers to provide analysis and insight regarding both web application security and how organizations can utilize our products and services to better secure their applications. For more information, visit

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Creating a iOS7 Application Assessment Environment

iOS7-jailbreak.pngNow that you have your shiny new Evasion7 jailbreak running it's time to set up the environment for application testing!

Happy Holidays from the Fortify Security Team (and OddTodd).

OddTodd Holiday.pngOddTodd shares some of his most interesting gifts and the one he wished he got.

What Your Binary Says About You, Part 2: I'm Not Worried About Exploits!

When an attacker analyzes your binary, you don't want it to reveal a developer who throws caution to the wind!  In the second part of