Following the Wh1t3 Rabbit - Practical Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security organizations often find themselves caught between the ever-changing needs of the agile business, and the ever-present, ever-evolving threats to that business. At the same time – all too often we security professionals get caught up in “shiny object syndrome” which leads us to spend poorly, allocate resources unwisely, and generally de-couple from the organization we’re chartered to defend. Knowing how to defend begins with knowing what you’ll be defending, why it is worth defending, and who you’ll be defending from… and therein lies the trick. This blog takes the issue of enterprise security head-on, challenging outdated thinking and bringing a pragmatic, business-aligned, beyond the tools perspective … so follow the Wh1t3 Rabbit and remember that tools alone don’t solve problems, strategic thinkers are the key.

Rafal (Principal, Strategic Security Services)

Leap Second, Public Cloud and a lesson in Enterprise Resiliency

This has been an interesting weekend. One of the largest public cloud providers was knocked sideways by a severe electrical storm, and Linux systems all over the world freaked out because of an obscure "leap second" bug ... there are lessons to be learned here...

Master the Cloud - putting sanity into this "cloud" thing

Over the border, watch me run ...look out Canada because here I come!


  If the cloud is somewhere on your radar for 2012 (and let's face it, who's radar is it not on?) and you happen to live north of the border in the land of hockey and moose then you should be at one of these events.  HP's "Master the Cloud" series of tradeshows is coming to a town near you ...and I'm coming with.


  Starting in Montreal, then Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and finally ending in Calgary the show is sold out in several cities and brings with several fantastic partners, customer and of course the HP experts you have grown to count on for over the years to help you navigate the tumultuous waters of the technology landscape.  I will be at all the events, except Ottawa, and I'll be talking about security and blogging, Tweeting, interviewing customers and partners alike to bring you the show right to your desktop in case you can't make it out.  Watch this space for me, and tune into this blog for your regular update from north of the border.


  First stop ...Montreal - the land of the Habs, poutine, and apparently 9F weather.  Now it's time to grab my passport, microphone, and hit the friendly skies.


See you soon!

Data Loss Prevention - Step 5: Disable access to 'cloud storage' services

Some time ago I started a series on Data Loss Prevention in a very frank, matter-of-fact, and un-enigmatic way.  I've been trying to dispel the myth that DLP is a blinking box you can buy, or a 'solution' that you can just drop into your organization that makes the trouble of leaking data magically disappear.  This is part 5 in that series...

Taming the Cloud - Provisioning and Security

While Cloud continues to be the popular buzz-word du jour, the low rate of public or hybrid cloud adoption analysts are reporting may signal more than just fear and paranoia over security.  The low rates of adoption may actually be business consumers acknowledging their confusion about how exactly security plays when it comes to virtual environments.  Security...

Software Security for the Cloud SMB- Same Pig, Shiny Lipstick

One of the things IT Security people fear in an SMB organization nowadays is their management saying "we're migrating to the cloud" ... because there are serious challenges for software security, and reliability when migrating.  This post addresses, at a high level, some of those issues and helps set the foundation for a series on cloud-based services and applications from an SMB perspective.

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