St. Louis, MO - Web Application Security Workshop

7.17.08, 12:38am CDT...
  Airport delays are a horrible way to finish out a business trip... just puts such a bummer on everything.  As you can tell if you're reading this, it's after midnight and I just got home and unwound.  My flight was supposed to leave St. Louis, MO at 6:46pm... suffice it to say we never left on time because of an O'Hare "ground stop"... which was due to heavy storms rolling throug the area.  Well, when all the waiting, and uncertainty, and sitting on the tarmac and waiting and in-flight turbulence was over and we landed... wouldn't you have guessed it - not a drop of rain to be found at O'Hare... lovely.

  I'd like to extend a very hearty thank you to everyone who participated in Wednesday's workshop in St. Louis, MO.  It was a pleasure having everyone there, and getting so much participation from the audience.  It really makes the flight delays and prep time well worthwhile when you all provide a 2-way conversation rather than me just speaking and showing powerpoint slides.  I welcome feedback, questions, comments and requests for follow-up - I do these for groups large (like Wednesday) and small (in a more intimate setting with your company) and we always manage to have a good time and maybe on occassion learn something.

 So once again - thanks for coming, thanks for staying over an hour extra to hear about all the exciting stuff we here at the Application Security Center have going on.

 Cheers & safe travels.


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