Losing your laptop, not your data

I do a lot of traveling these days for business, and I feel the need to share a bit of practical experience from this latest trip to Europe... because I know many of you travel with a boatload of company sensitive, proprietary, or customer data on your mobile devices.  Oddly enough I had just given a keynote at the SANS Mobile Device Scurity Summit on the threat landscape of the mobile revolution and was sharing with the attendees the fact that data is now more mobile than ever before... so as I passed through Nashville's BNA airport my mind should have been on my mobile devices. The reality was that my mind was focused on my delayed flight and the closing window of time I had to make my connection to Amsterdam.


With the possibility of missing my flight out to Black Hat Europe I was focused on opting out of the security theater as quickly as possible and getting to my gate. What I had not realized was that in all the rush of getting on that plane, and the next one, and trying to sleep on the way to Europe was that my laptop was still sitting quietly in the bin at the security gate through which I passed.


The panic that engulfed me as I realized laptop was gone quickly turned to sheer horror at the thought of being the source for a possible data breach disclosure - as we can all guess I do carry a few critical pieces of information on my laptop. That did pass though as I realize my machine did have a fully functional FDE (full disk encryption) setup on it.


Moral of the story... I immediately think back to a #SecBiz discussion we had about security folks "eating our own do food and how glad I was that even if it was lost my laptop was both encrypted and backed up. Except for not having my presentation at the ready to make those typical last-second changes that conferenceorganizers love so much, I wasn't panicked anymore.


Oh, and in case you're wondering about that laptop... the TSA was kind enough to FedEx it over... its on its way. Let's hope it arrives in one piece!

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Kaou Nkenfack Steve Charly(anon) | ‎05-30-2012 08:12 AM

             Please, i loose my laptop and i don't remember the serial number. How can i do to recover my backup informations? I even lost DVD on which I saved a copy. PLEASE HELP ME, PLEASE. I AM DESPERATE.

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