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Can't receive fax on 2410 all in one

I just set up a fax line to use on my HP 2410.I am sending faxes fine but cannot receive. It is on a splitter with a DSL line. The fax set up indicates it is set to answer after one ring - but it doesn't. I have checked all the troubleshooting in the manual but can't figure it out...Any thoughts?
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Re: Can't receive fax on 2410 all in one


Try one of the connection enviornments described in this document:

More than likely your DSL service will require a DSL filter to be installed in order for your fax machine to detect incoming calls. Avoid placing a telephone inbetween your fax machine and the wall jack. More than likely your fax machine will have a second phone port on the back that will allow you to connect a phone instead.

Also you said you want it to pick up after one ring. Make sure your Answer mode is set to Automatic if that is the case.

One more thing to try would be removing the splitter and connecting the fax directly through a DSL filter and the wall. Sometimes the splitters themselves have problems and need to be replaced.

Faxing in todays enviornment is all about finding the 'sweet spot' in terms of the connection. Your going to have to move things around and see what works. The fax machine has to be able to identify the incoming phone call as a fax message before it will respond to anything. Otherwise you will have to rely on the Manual Pickup option.

If you get tired or run out of options, a digital efaxing service often ends up being the only solution for some people. Online faxing services will run you around 10.00/month which is normally competitive with whatever your service provider is charging for the seperate fax line.
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Re: Can't receive fax on 2410 all in one

Thanks for your input. I figured it out shortly after I posted this. It turns out that when I had used the same printer as a fax a few years ago, I had set up the answer mode to answer to double rings for fax. For some reason this menu never came up on HP director in the advanced options tab when I set up the new fax number recently.(I went through the set up menu many times yesterday trying to address this and recall now that I set up the original ring pattern on my computer desktop in HP director so I don't know why that menu is now unavailable.)

It wasn't until I investigated the Advanced Options menu on the printer window menu itself that this option appeared. I immediately saw that it was set up on double rings so once I changed it to single it worked fine. This is not covered anywhere in the troubleshooting info that HP has made available about this printer. It would be a good thing to add to that content to prompt someone to check that out.
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