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Auto-print fax hangs print queue in Windows 7

My customer's machine is a Deskpro running Windows 7, an HP PCIe modem card, and an attached Laserjet 1022nw printer which is shared to the LAN.  I d/l the current host-based driver package for the printer from the HP driver site. The machine is a member of the domain, and the login is a domain user with local administrative rights. The machine is replacing a previous Deskpro running Windows XP.


The Windows fax console is set to auto-answer and receive faxes, and works perfectly. The user can go into the console and print any of the faxes she wants a hard copy for.


When originally installed the fax console was set to automatically print received faxes, but the print queue hangs when we do that. The job goes into the queue, and subsequent jobs, from any application, stack up behind it. Usually restarting the print spooler (which also restarts the fax service) gets the queue going again, but sometimes only after 2 or 3 tries. Of course rebooting works, and the stacked jobs print out OK, but who wants to reboot every time a fax comes in?


I even made a script and put a shortcut on the desktop to restart the print spooler and fax services, which was OK until another user in another room, working by herself in the building, couldn't print because the queue was hung, and she had no access to this desktop.


The user would like to have it back to auto-print the faxes, but we cannot deal with the print queue hanging, especially with the print jobs coming from wherever in the building. Everything about this works perfectly except auto-print. The user can manually print from the fax console all day, but auto-print hangs, which makes it seem like a permissions problem, but I'm at a loss as to how to correct it. I did set Everyone to full control in the printer properties security tab and that made no difference.


Suggestions, please?


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Re: Auto-print fax hangs print queue in Windows 7

I have the same problem here. Windows 7, auto-printing incoming faxes, and the print job just hangs up...

Restarting the spooler starts printing the queue.


On another HP F2200 multi function deskjet, the auto-print just work fine.

The desktjet was discovered and installed by Windows.

The Laserjet 1022 was not supported, and had to download the old XP driver from HP site.


Maybe az updated driver should solve the problem.


Please release it!

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