Re: Outlook 2010 disabling TRIM 7.1 add-in randomly (653 Views)
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Outlook 2010 disabling TRIM 7.1 add-in randomly

I am getting regular reports of Microsoft Office apps including Outlook often disabling the TRIM add-in.  The desktop-addins remains ticked in TRIM however the actual add-in becomes disabled in the Office application.  The only workaround so far would then be to go into the affected Office app (eg Word, Excel, etc) and re-enable the disabled add-in.


I have found the regkeys under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\[xx].0\[App]\Resiliency\DisabledItems that affects Word and Excel, but not for Outlook 2010.  Does anyone know what the regkey name that gets created under this area of the registry when Outlook disables its TRIM add-in?? 


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Re: Outlook 2010 disabling TRIM 7.1 add-in randomly

I've found that users who open a second outlook window (perhaps show they can see their Inbox on one monitor, and their calendar on a second monitor) encounter this issue.  It appeared to us in v6.25.1343, and appears to also happen under 7.213519.


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Re: Outlook 2010 disabling TRIM 7.1 add-in randomly

To get the Ffynnon (HP TRIM) toolbar in your main Outlook window do the following:

 • Go to the [File] tab
 • Click the Options link (another window will open)
 • Click the Add-ins link
 • Click the [Go ...] button next to Manage COM Add-Ins
 • Untick HP.HPTRIM.Outlook.Addin
 • Click [OK]
 • Close and re-open Outlook
 • Repeat the above sequence, reticking HP.HPTRIM.Outlook.Addin

Within about 30 seconds an Add-Ins Tab should appear
This tab will have all the Ffynnon (HP TRIM) toolbar options


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