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Back to the future - DPW 50th episode

Welcome to the 50th episode of Discover Performance Weekly, a weekly video resource to bring you thought-leaders from HP and around the industry.


In this 50th episode we are bringing back our original guests from the first show (, VP of Big Data, Brian Weiss, and Tim Crawford (@tcrawford), a former CIO and now CIO Strategic Advisor at AVOA.


In this week’s episode, we will take a look back at predications made a year ago and grade our host and guests on their accuracy.  We will look to 2015 to see what the future may hold for CIOs and IT.


In this episode, Paul, Tim and Brian discuss topics like:

- Did CMOs replace CIOs? (1:30)
- Wake-up call for CIOs (4:00)
- Old vs. new IT models (6:00)
- Cloud predictions: what came true and what didn’t (10:00)
- Security in the cloud (12:00)
- The 3D printing hype (13:15)
- Back to the Future: Predictions for 2015 (14:45)
Tips of the week (20:45):
- Brian Weiss – HAVEN onDemand developer hacks 
- Tim Crawford – Blog post by Adrian Cockcroft “Was 2014 the end of enterprise computing”
- Paul Muller – The Limited WIP Society  


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The CIO’s new role: service broker

the CIOs new role.jpg


By Keith Macbeath


Imagine you’re a business process owner who needs an IT service. You now have to choose between SaaS and a traditional provider—whether internal or outsourced. If you do choose SaaS, your traditional infrastructure team is out of the picture. Now, there is literally a marketplace where the application team who serves you has to compete with external SaaS providers. The CIO faces a key decision: When to step into that service broker role and how to do it in such a way that department heads trust that it’s the right decision, regardless of whether it adds budget or headcount.  

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2 Minute video: How to win credibility with the business

By Vesna Soraic, Senior Product Marketing Manager for HP Software


iTunes proved that in order to win music fans you need a pretty simple formula: offer one place to find and download all the music they want, and make the process easy, intuitive and available on demand. That formula catapulted Apple, enabling it to take over the distribution of music in a few short years, which made traditional music retailers virtually irrelevant.


In many ways, IT organizations could find themselves in a similar predicament. If public cloud service providers continue to win over IT’s business customers by making IT services as easy to order as a song on iTunes, IT will become irrelevant. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Join us for episode 49 of Discover Performance Weekly as we look at how the New Style of IT impacts how professional services are delivered in the industry.
VP of strategic marketing for HP Software, Paul Muller (@xthestreams) catches Michael Garret, the VP and GM of Professional Services at HP Software, to talk about the services industry and how new there’s a new style to professional services among IT and businesses alike.

Digital Footprints and big data prediction helps maximize students' performance

Nottingham Trent University, one of the largest Universities in the UK, is using prediction analysis of the digital footprints of students to help their tutors maximize their performance.




Using data such as library swipes and tutorial attendance data, the system is able to predict when a student will need help to maximize their potential. The system's alerts are not just used to prevent students from dropping out. It is also used to help all students who are not tracking their potential - A grade students drifting towards a C, for example.

Mobility: All about that place, that place, no context

Join us for this episode of Discover Performance Weekly as we look at the differences between mobility, location and context (the importance of place-context in the user experience).


VP of strategic marketing for HP Software, Paul Muller (@xthestreams) sits down with Tim Crawford (@tcrawford), CIO Strategic Advisor with AVOA, and Maribel Lopez (@maribellopez, author and founder of Lopez Research. Maribel recently wrote a book on this topic called Right-Time Experiences: Driving Revenue with Mobile and Big Data.


In this episode, Paul, Tim and Maribel discuss the following topics:


- Difference between place and context (1:10)

- Location-based offers in applications (1:55)

- How is the CIO thinking about sophisticated applications (3:00)

- Existing business processes neglect context (4:00)

- Importance of real-time and right-time analytics (5:00)

- Mobility: people vs. device (6:40)

- Steps to optimize mobility context vs. place (9:30)

- Unintended consequences to mobility context (12:45)

- Culture of trust in mobility (15:10)


Tips of the week (17:30):

- Maribel Lopez – Blogs on Moving to Right-time Experiences on

- Tim Crawford – Book: Good to Great   

- Paul Muller – Book: Getting Things Done


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IT leaders: Let’s talk less about technology

By Paul Chapman, Chief Information Officer of HP Software


This blog post originally appeared on LinkedIn.

Lately, I’ve been spending less time talking about technology and more about business and business-driven outcomes.


I just published a new article for HP Software’s Discover Performance about combining business outcomes with the “what” and the “how” of IT service delivery, and not getting too tangled up in technology.


Although technology is very important, it’s an implementation detail. The conversations we have with our stakeholders should be more business-led and IT-enabled, rather than putting technology in the lead. It’s our job to get to a point where we partner with business leaders to support what they’re trying to achieve. Then, we can move to a discussion of how IT can effectively enable those outcomes.


Once business strategy determines the “what,” technology provides the “how.” Key to that, I find, is thinking not just of business goals, but customer needs, how those back into what the business offers, and how IT supports it all. And one of the most important steps IT leaders can take to support and lead this new way of thinking is to just talk less about technology.

Automate application release and ramp up release velocity



By Tina Sturgis, Senior Worldwide Marketing Manager, HP Software Professional Services, DevOps and ADM


DevOps is all about increasing application release velocity and generating fewer defects and production outages. In today’s superheated business environment, achieving these goals can give a company the edge to outdistance competitors. But no matter how closely you align Dev, QA, and Ops, the process can derail when changes to requirements slip through unnoticed. And that can cause outages, potentially jeopardizing crucial updates to mission-critical applications and hurting your bottom line.


Typically when developers find a bug and decide to change the environment by, say, adjusting CPU or RAM requirements, they need to go through a series of manual steps. They then need to send emails documenting the changes to QA, the staging team, and the production team. This leaves a lot of room for error. In my work in HP Software Professional Services, I’ve seen many instances in big companies where communication breaks down, a change gets past, and when an application is in production, there’s an outage. So how do you prevent such slips? 

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CIO Confidential

VP of strategic marketing for HP Software, Paul Muller (@xthestreams) continues the “changing role of the CIO” conversation with Tim Crawford (@tcrawford), CIO Strategic Advisor with AVOA, and Paul Chapman, CIO for HP Software. Be sure to watch the first episode in the series if you missed it.

Overcoming real-world barriers to maximizing the private cloud



By Keith Macbeath


Many IT leaders who have implemented a private cloud aren’t getting the benefits they hoped for. In a report from last June called Q2 2014 Private Cloud Customer Research, Technology Business Research found that out of the 2,200 companies queried, many of them were nowhere near where they expected to be in their cloud adoption journey. As it turns out, if you build it—in this case a private cloud—they (internal app developers) may not come as forecast.


And, in the meantime, if you pushed for a private cloud you probably now face pressure to prove the much-vaunted improvement in cost-effectiveness. Although you promised higher utilization and lower cost per unit, your costs have actually just gone up. You’ve duplicated infrastructure and you have not improved productivity —or so you’re told. What’s going on?

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A Happy DevOps New Year?

Hallway of storage unit doorThe first month of our Western calendar, January, Janvier, Januar, Enero or Gennaio, derives its name, in many languages from the Roman god, Janus. At school I was told Janus had two faces representing maturity and youth – much like today’s constantly changing IT function. Wikipedia states Janus represents ’beginnings and transitions’ evoking strong parallels to the topic of my last blog, DevOps.

Welcome homo-extensis: the future of the augmented human

Join us for episode 47 of Discover Performance Weekly as we look into the not-so-distant future to see how technology will shape the workforce of the future and specifically of IT.


VP of strategic marketing for HP Software, Paul Muller (@xthestreams) sits down with Ade McCormack (@AdeMcCormack), a futurist and digital strategist, as well as Mike Shaw, who leads Enterprise 2020 for HP, to discuss how the workforce of the future will be augmented by wearables among other technologies.


In this episode, Paul, Ade and Mike discuss the following topics:


- What does homo-extensis mean? (0:40)

- Embedded technology happening now (1:55)

- Big data and augmented humans (2:45)

- Patterns equal information for humans (4:50)

- Shortfalls of augmenting humans (embedded technology) (5:50)


Tips of the week (8:05):

- Ade McCormack –

- Enterprise 2020 –


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Democratizing data science for fun and profit

Join us for episode 46 of Discover Performance Weekly as we look at an HP case study on Big Data analytics.
Dana Gardner (@Dana_Gardner), principle analyst at Interabor Solutions recounts a case study on Big Data analytics from HP. Learn more about the challenge HP faced and how they were able to gain strategic marketing insights utilizing big data analysis. The complete story can be found in the Discover Performance article, “The one IT question that transformed a VP’s marketing strategy.”

Big Data’s “brain”, fuelled by DevOps DNA, creates the Power to ACT Now

Unleashing the power of Big Data through blazing fast analytics applied to both structured and unstructured data is creating entirely new types of business insight.


But turning insight into action requires automation to permeate across the business and IT value chain. When Big Data meets DevOps, things really start to get interesting.

Education of the nation: Creating better education through technology

Join us for this episode of Discover Performance Weekly as we discuss how technology can drastically improve the lives of under-educated and under-privileged children.

New video from HP Discover: The evolving CIO

In this special edition of Discover Performance Weekly, Paul Muller (@xthestreams), HP Software evangelist and VP of Strategic Marketing, talks with Tim Crawford (@tcrawford), CIO Strategic Advisor with AVOA, and Paul Chapman, CIO for HP Software, about the changing role of the CIO and what modifications will help businesses be most successful. 


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A Customer Understanding Story

G6889641082007_JPGHighres.jpgBy Fil Zanasi, Business Development Director for HP Software UK&I


Historically, IT tends to focus on when and where things go wrong. See what happens when things go right and a customer has a supurb app experience.

Mobile DevOps: How to create the best app for your business

In this week's episode of Discover Performance Weekly, HP Software product marketing manager, John Jeremiah (@j_jeremiah), sits down with mobility expert, Julian Harty (@julianharty) and Antoine Aymer (@AntoineAymer), HP product marketing manager for mobile testing and quality, to discuss the balance of speed-to-market of applications with quality and testing of high-performing apps.

Cloud computing is a means, not an end.

A means to an end.jpgBy Christian Verstraete


This article originally appeared on the Cloud Source Blog.


Last week I was at HP Discover where I had the opportunity to talk to many customers. It’s always good to be able to hear first-hand what is top-of-mind for CIO’s and other IT leaders. Obviously the term cloud came up often, but it was always discussed as a means to reach an objective, not as an end in its own right.


Infrastructure-as-a-Service is increasingly seen as a commodity and many clients are actually getting upset when feeling like they are locked into a particular technology. The latest price reductions continue to demonstrate this commoditization as they remove the possibility for suppliers to truly innovate. These days, the debate focuses on the workloads, on what you put on that infrastructure. And discussion is important because it forces a new thinking.

New video from HP Discover: Connected intelligence with Big Data

Join us for a special edition of Discover Performance Weekly, where you’ll learn how Big Data delivers connected intelligence to organizations like yours. During this session, Paul Muller (@xthestreams), HP Software evangelist and VP of Strategic Marketing, talks with Ernesto Pellegrino, Co-founder of, at HP Discover in Barcelona. Paul and Ernesto will discuss how businesses can harness the power of Big Data to better store, manage, understand and act upon the volume, velocity and variety of organizational data to drive maximum return on Information.


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Technology is an implementation detail

By Paul Chapman, Chief Information Officer of HP Software


This blog post originally appeared on LinkedIn.


IT professionals, by definition, look for technology solutions to the business challenges we face. It’s not surprising given that technology is right there in the name of our chosen profession. I've been working on a set of blog posts on this topic, and I hope to invite active discussion around the idea that “technology is an implementation detail” and encourage IT leaders to take an outside in view and focus on business outcomes over technology.

How do you transform IT to be service-centric?

New Style of IT - Core Qualities.jpg


By Tony Price, World Wide Lead for Strategy and Transformation Consulting, HP Software Professional Services

The world of IT has changed massively. We could say everything is now part of IT: social media, cloud, Big Data, security, infrastructure, bring-your-own-service (BYOS), wearables, you name it. So we need new skills to be able to harness and exploit all these things. Inevitably organizations will not possess all the skills they require and will need to build or acquire them, often via “as a service” or cloud approaches. This means that rather than just providing IT services, IT now needs to act as a service broker—coordinating services from multiple sources, internal and external—to deliver value from all the suppliers in the IT delivery chain.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this new style of IT is aspirational. It’s not! It’s reality, and you need to address this today. At a session at HP Discover Barcelona, my colleague Craig Alexander will describe how you can transform your organization to deliver the new style of IT.



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The state of software: Find your strategic advantage at HP Discover Barcelona

guru bar sign.jpgSoftware has come a long way in six months.


The last time I was headed to HP Discover, HP had a clearly articulated vision for the New Style of IT—the opportunity afforded by the interrelated trends of cloud, Big Data, security, and mobility.


Customers are continually looking for roadmaps to increase agility at every level of their organisations. That means taking DevOps further, finding more opportunity in Big Data, determining the right next steps to becoming a service broker, making their cloud services count, converging Security and IT operations and much more.


Last time, the conversation was starting about new ways of consuming the software that underpins these trends. Today we’re working with customers who are looking to us to innovate around software consumption models. That means providing and consuming software using new paradigms—software as a service, pay-per-use and outcome-based services.


We’re bringing our strategic focus on the New Style of IT to a number of different venues at HP Discover Barcelona. Here’s a selection of highlights.

How do you make DevOps a reality?

Journey to DevOps.jpg


By Vikul Gupta, Worldwide Engineering Manager for DevOps, Cloud, and Application Delivery Management for HP Software Professional Services


Market forces are driving enterprises to DevOps. Aligning App Dev with Ops enables companies to quickly deploy application updates, and gain a competitive edge, increase end-user satisfaction, and help drive new revenue. Being able to release application updates in a matter of days—as opposed to weeks or months—is particularly important on mobile platforms. But how do you achieve that?


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Will the holiday season take the “FUN” out of the user experience?

Brian Katz (@bmkatz), mobility expert and head of user experience at Sanofi coined the acronym "FUN" or "focus on user needs" to descibe how the way users interact with technology can shape its function. Paul Muller gets together with Brian Katz and Genefa Murphy, head of marketing for HP’s application management business, to talk about the upcoming holiday season and how the technology under the tree is affected by users' needs.

Keynote sessions for IT Leaders: HP Discover Barcelona 2014


If you’re heading to HP Discover 2014 in Barcelona in early December, be sure to check out these valuable keynote sessions. If you won’t be attending in person, you can still watch the keynotes which will be available via LiveStream and playback at

The "digitization of everything" and its impact upon IT

tablet for digitization.png

I believe that the most impactful trend facing IT today, and probably for the next five years to come, is "the digitization of everything". What is this and what is its impact upon IT?


The digitization of everything is good for IT, but it brings challenges too. 

Securing the supply chain with actionable analytics: HP Haven and GPAS

Grey market2.JPG


By Steven Simske, HP Fellow and Director, HP Labs


Usually when reading about the Internet of Things and Big Data, we’re told that sometime in the near future our refrigerators will text us when we’re out of milk and our thermostats will check the weather. These are not disruptions, but modest replacements of existing capabilities.


But, the future is already a reality when it comes to fighting counterfeiting through advanced imaging, Big Data, and supply chain management. More than just bad news for brands, counterfeiting is a major criminal enterprise that pumps billions of dollars into the black market—a market that funds nefarious activities—and sells subpar medicine to the people who need the real medicine most. By connecting physical things that move around the globe to their online records, we’re taking the Internet of Things beyond automatically generated machine and sensor data. Making use of this data with HP Haven and supply chain analytics is the subject of a session I’m presenting at this year’s HP Discover Barcelona.

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The Internet of bling: the truth behind wearables

This week, Paul Muller visits with mobility expert and head of user experience at Sanofi, Brian Katz (@bmkatz) and CEO of Theatro, Chris Todd (@Theatro_Retail), to talk about one of the hottest topics in IT: wearables. Whether the bling you’re sporting is a Fit Bit or a pair of Google Glass (or if you opt to not wear a wearable at all!) you’ll enjoy watching Paul, Brian, and Chris debate on the different roles that wearables will take in the future for both the enterprise and the consumer.

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