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Corporate IT performance: How did teens get in the driver’s seat?

AC.jpgAlastair Corbett leads HP’s UK&I Software Business Unit and has responsibility for its strategy, the promotion and selling of the IT Performance Suite and related services.

I sometimes wake up in a sweat due to a dream in which I’m out with my daughter for her first driving lesson. Hopefully I am not the only one slightly worried by the thought of teaching their daughter to drive, nevertheless the dream inspired the title of this article, so a bit of explanation is in order.


According to an eMarketer report, 18- to 34-year-olds account for over half of the UK’s mobile social networkers. And it’s this group—and social networkers in general—who are significantly influencing businesses in ways that would not have been conceived of a few years ago.

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Exchange pricing system failure: Was it people, process, technology, or a partner?

imagesCAFXW8M1.jpgOver the past few days, I have been listening to the debate taking place about the so-called Nasdaq "Flash Freeze" on CNBC. For those who aren’t following this story, a problem in the exchange pricing system forced managers to take the whole trading system down. Today, the discussion centered around who is responsible, and why it took so long to detect and fix the problem. And this is not just an internal exercise—we now have exchanges blaming one another for the problem.


Hopefully, we will not get another Ford vs. Firestone fiasco; the only way to solve the problem is to conduct an objective review of people, processes and technology involved. At this point, managers should focus their attention internally rather than in asserting blame externally—otherwise, a better system cannot be built. If we want to truly improve the system, the answer is improving people, processes and technology.

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Eliminate the DevOps border

Digital technology and the shift to cloud computing are changing how IT is distributed across the business. Instead of building systems in-house, IT departments are now managing brokered services.  As you look at your current IT infrastructure, do you see a dynamic environment that integrates cloud computing capabilities? Or instead do you see a siloed, inflexible structure that is holding you back and preventing digital growth?

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Why measure IT performance? 5 benefits that will save IT

ITperfinfographic.JPGWith the advent of cloud services and SaaS, internal IT finds itself in competition with external providers. These providers are businesses, and they are marketing themselves to your enterprise, promising lower cost, greater agility and efficiency. How can internal IT survive, even thrive faced with these challenges?


To illustrate the urgency around IT performance we produced an infographic that summarizes the challenges and key benefits of performance management. We also ran a survey on this topic at HP Discover that returned some fascinating responses.

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