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Global system integrator uses HP Executive Scorecard to improve customers’ business processes

ITBI.pngCSC, a large global systems integrator with business intelligence (BI) experience ranging from manufacturing, healthcare, and government sees IT as the next frontier for big data and BI. Andreas Hufenstuhl, Business Intelligence Solutions manager at CSC, explains that IT—just like the rest of the business—needs figures to measure performance and improve processes. And as a result, CSC is seeing increasing demand from IT organizations for a system based on key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve existing IT processes and IT development. Business intelligence, Hufenstuhl says, is about “controlling processes, actively measuring performance and process improvement.”

Don’t waste a good IT crisis!


How a European telecom boosted agility and service quality—on a slashed budget

This year, when a major European telecom provider’s Internet Services Group was presented with a double whammy, the company used the setback to ultimately drive better service and customer satisfaction while lowering IT expenditure. The challenges? While their business customers demanded more agility (reducing their time to market) and improved service quality, corporate leadership significantly wacked their FY13 IT budget. IT leadership clearly knew the status quo would not continue to work. However, in the spirit of former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, they decided not to let “a serious crisis to go to waste.”  The provider decided that they needed to increase operational efficiency in order to operate with significantly fewer resources—the true “do-more-with-less” strategy.

Lubrizol IT makes a difference by changing its discussion with the business

Lub.pngAt Discover Las Vegas, IT System Architect Shawn Hart explained how his company, Lubrizol, used the HP Executive Scorecard to change the way it talks to customers. According to Hart, Lubrizol has made a change that is transformational. For the first time, the business is looking at the performance of critical business services and having a discussion with IT about how improving the service desk can drive a different business outcome. “We have never had these kinds of conversations,” Hart said. How did Lubrizol drive such fundamental change?

How does your insurance company ensure that it is on your side?

Insurance Company.jpgA very large insurance company needed to improve the governance of its application delivery lifecycle, and turned to HP Executive Scorecard to help it make smarter decisions faster. Initially, the company determined that it needed to be more proactive, and decision-makers needed to make decisions faster. The firm had determined that its decision-making was data-constrained and occurring too late in the month to be actionable. Making matters worse, much of the metrics being used were collected over different time periods. This made it impossible to correlate data and to discover interdependencies.

Why keeping score in baseball and IT is more than a single-inning affair!

Innings.jpgLast week, I was talking with a consultant at a strategic integration and consulting company. He asked me a simple question: “How are operational reports from tools like HP Business Availability Center (BAC)—think single-inning baseball—different from a business IT scorecard?” Initially, I thought to myself, “What a stupid question aboutBAC”—but after thinking about it, I realized our customers might be asking the same question.


I pondered for a bit afterward, wondering where I should start my answer to his (and, perhaps, your) question.

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