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Your cloud or virtualization strategy demands a new approach to your IT books

Better Less.jpgPublic cloud, private cloud and virtualization demand that VPs of Operations and their teams be able to do something brand new. No longer is it acceptable to have costs locked up in the pieces and parts of technology cost centers such as networking, storage and so on. Instead (as I recently wrote in my post “Allocating IT costs so the business gets IT!”) infrastructure, maintenance and people costs need to be brought together into an end-to-end IT service cost. This is pivotal to making strategic choices between internal and external delivery options, so that the overall cost of running the business of IT can be reduced.

Using cost allocation so the business gets IT!

Better Less.jpgLast week in my post “Achieving financial transparency through IT Financial Management,” I talked about the importance of getting IT costs to a business service level. As a reminder, we need to do this in IT so the business understands where the money on a plan is going and so IT can “act like a businessperson” in its discussions with the business regarding spending priorities. But how do you do this when how IT collects its costs by cost center? The answer is allocation.

The hidden factor that’s limiting your ability to compete

keithmacbeath.jpgBy Keith Macbeath, senior principal consultant with HP Software Professional Services

Every enterprise has an approval system for IT projects, and as part of this system there are gates a project has to pass through. But how well are these gates functioning, and how quickly do they open and close? If yours is like many enterprises, those gates have been created in collaboration with finance, and the natural tendency of people in finance in mature organizations is to feel that delay of expenditure is no bad thing.

Of course that can be true, especially if delay means time to think through the value of a proposed investment. But it’s not true if you’re in a fast-moving marketplace where IT investments are critical to your ability to compete, which these days is true of just about anybody in retail or consumer businesses. With so much action happening in systems of engagement, if you’re not with the program, you’re out of the picture. And that can be fatal if you’re Borders, say, or Circuit City. If your decisions – yea or nay - are not being made with sufficient speed, your business could be at risk. Here's how to increase the speed and quality of your decision making.

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DevOps gurus track the value—and ROI—of DevOps

Paul Muller-Gene Kim.jpgBy Brian McDonough, Discover Performance managing editor


HP Software Chief Evangelist Paul Muller just posted a podcast on his Cross the Streams blog—a conversation he recorded at Discover Las Vegas with DevOps luminaries Gene Kim and Patrick Debois. Kim and Debois are on the team writing The DevOps Cookbook, out later this year, and they shared their thoughts on the movement, what it really offers to business leaders, and how you get your ROI.


Paul’s got the audio, but only we would sit down and type you up a full transcript.  So pop over to Cross the Streams to launch the sound, then come back here to follow along.  After that, check out our Q&A with Gene Kim, and the rest of our new DevOps issue.

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What does a CIO need to know about DevOps?

I recently sat down with two of the DevOps movement's most visible and respected authors of DevOps and Lean principals to share our experiences and thoughts on what CIOs looking to cut through the hype need to know about DevOpsYou can check out my interview with Gene Kim and Patrick Debois at my Crossing The Streams blog.


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