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Rugged DevOps: Combining Security and DevOps

Join us for episode 26 of Discover Performance Weekly to discuss rugged DevOps, which ties the topic of DevOps to security. The basis of the discussion revolves around a recent article on Discover Performance, "A simple plan for secure DevOps."


Hear more from DevOps expert and co-founder of DTO Solutions, Damon Edwards (@damonedwards) and author and DevOps practitioner, James Wickett (@wickett).

Why Converged Security matters: how to squash the security bugs

Security threats are continuously evolving and shifting. One of the ways that “bad guys” have changed their tactics is to no longer to attempt to get in through your defenses. Instead they look for weak areas within your infrastructure and enter there –undetected.


Continue reading to find out how you can better protect your organization with Converged Security. It is your key to a holistic, secure enterprise.

IT execs: Integrate security and Ops to cut costs and reduce waste

michael-garrett2.jpgSecurity is changing. Ten years ago we used to worry about worms and viruses. As a result enterprises focused on perimeter defense. But high profile security incidents like the Target breach exploit internal weaknesses. Security now must cover more extensive ground—and as it does so it overlaps with territory covered by IT operations.


This new vulnerability is worrisome—especially if you’re the one trying to protect sensitive corporate data. But it also presents an opportunity for IT to cut costs, improve efficiency, and reduce waste. (If you’re concerned about security, come talk to our HP Software Professional Services experts at HP Protect.)

DevOps: What do culture and trust have to do with IT and business?

I’d like to tell you about a really special episode of

Discover Performance Weekly, which is a weekly video series that I produce on behalf of Discover Performance. We were privileged to sit down with authors and DevOps experts, Gene Kim and Jez Humble.  On the show the two discuss, with our host Paul Muller, VP of Strategic Marketing for HP Software, how trust and culture change the way IT and the business operate.

Will IT become a revenue driver thanks to Big Data? It’s already happening

keithmacbeath.jpgBy Keith Macbeath, senior principal consultant with HP Software Professional Services


In my last post, I wrote about why your enterprise might need a Chief Digital Officer (CDO). Integrating (and profiting from) customer data that sits outside the enterprise on consumer-facing platforms like Facebook requires a very different skill set from the traditional CIO role, which has thus far been focused on the data center and running large chunks of enterprise software.


When you have a C-level role looking strategically at different integration opportunities as well as how you use business data, IT can be a revenue driver. It’s very different for IT to be an active pursuer of revenue in collaboration with the business. But we’re seeing signs that this is changing.


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3 tips from Facebook that will help your Big Data journey

michael-garrett2.jpgWherever you are in your journey to extracting maximum value from your business data, there’s always something new to learn from peers. One company to learn from is Facebook. A little while ago I heard Facebook CIO Tim Campos give advice to organisations about using Big Data. I thought I would share some of his insights.

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Do you need a Chief Data Officer?

keithmacbeath.jpgBy Keith Macbeath, senior principal consultant with HP Software Professional Services


Today, every business is a data business. If you’re a manufacturer now in the consumer goods business, supply chain is absolutely central to what you do, and that’s software. It is all about data. That’s the back end. On the front end, social is absolutely critical if you’re in any kind of consumer facing business. 


And this is why enterprises are hiring CDOs. The information in systems of engagement becomes absolutely critical to large-scale successful consumer businesses. If you’re not leveraging it, then your competitor will be outdoing you in terms of customer knowledge.


Here's what a CDO should do, along with three strategic questions to ask before your organization takes this step.

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Meg Whitman to host live webinar “Big Data Changes Everything”

On July 23, Meg Whitman, HP’s president and CEO, will sit down with the HP Software leadership team in a live webinar to discuss how Big Data is changing the future of business.

Apps, Big Data and Security in 2020 - Rafa Brugnini's keynote presentation in Milan and Madrid

rafa on stage.png

Rafa Brugnini, VP and GM of HP Software in Europe, Asia Pacific and Japan recently delivered a keynote at HP Software's "Performance Tour" stops in both Milan and Madrid.


The keynote was entitled "Apps, Big Data and Security in 2020".


This post is a slightly cut-down version of Rafa's keynote presentation. 

How controls, big data and automation work to deliver resilient IT

By Alastair CorbettAlastair Corbett.jpg


Big Data. It’s all over the place. It used to be that the IT industry was a place where outsiders peeked in with awe, but now everyone actually knows at least something about how to use the equivalent of a whole cluster of early PCs in their pocket.


In this post I'll discuss how the IT team manages to keep a reliable, resilient IT platform in the face of ever-growing data stores, more demanding business applications and ballooning IT user populations inside, and increasingly outside, the organisation.

Four short Big Data webinars now available (and two SlideShare versions, if you'd prefer)

random webinar screen.png

Dan Wood, solution manager for HP Big Data, and myself have recorded four Big Data webinars. Each is about 10 minutes long. They are as follows :


- Intro to big data and HP's Big Data solution

- The types of data that go into big data and the power of combining analysis of these different types

- How big data helps you get closer to your customers

- Big Data 20/20 - a vision of big data six years from now


If you would prefer to use SlideShare, then we have also created :


- "The types of data that go into big data" in SlideShare

- "How big data helps you get closer to your customers" in SlideShare

IT leaders: Do you really have your stakeholders aligned?

michael-garrett2.jpgYear after year you see alignment with the business as a top CIO goal. In CIO Magazine’s most recent State of the CIO Survey, 55% of respondents say that aligning IT initiatives with business goals is the activity that consumes the majority of their time. And yet alignment is something IT leaders continually struggle with. The customers I talk to—heads of global IT departments—are searching for ways to get everyone on the same level of understanding about the problem, the solution and the benefits. Frankly, the complexity of large IT projects—as well as IT’s traditional position at a remove from the business—makes this objective hard to achieve.


But hard does not mean impossible. In HP Software Professional Services we’ve had great success with what we call Transformation Experience Workshops, designed to build trust and understanding among stakeholders so that there’s clarity and support on a business case for transformation projects. I’ll share some of the tried and true principles of these workshops so that you can use them to get alignment in your own organisation. (To learn more about our methodologies for success, check out our ebook, ‘Deliver business value.’)

The answer to IT’s struggle to discover and manage configurations

kees.pngBy Kees Van Den Brink


In my last blog post I wrote about finding ways that automation can reduce waste. There is another area where automation has the potential to unlock significant savings for organizations, and that is with discovery for configuration management.


Discovery can pose a huge challenge for IT. Maybe your organization is one of the lucky few to have its act together on this. But what I see more often is that—most often because of human error—organizations struggle to discover and manage configurations, even when they have good tools at their disposal.


If you were to apply Lean principles—in the pure sense—to this problem, you would stop doing something that doesn’t add value. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work here. You still need to perform configuration management. And discovery is required because it’s not possible to maintain a vast number of configuration items manually. But there has to be a better way.


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