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Why measure IT performance? 5 benefits that will save IT

ITperfinfographic.JPGWith the advent of cloud services and SaaS, internal IT finds itself in competition with external providers. These providers are businesses, and they are marketing themselves to your enterprise, promising lower cost, greater agility and efficiency. How can internal IT survive, even thrive faced with these challenges?


To illustrate the urgency around IT performance we produced an infographic that summarizes the challenges and key benefits of performance management. We also ran a survey on this topic at HP Discover that returned some fascinating responses.

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Using balanced scorecard prove your data management and compliance strategy is working

Better Myles.jpgI’ve written several blogs now on the remarks of a major CIO about measuring IT performance. This CIO told me in order for him to achieve the business transformation and ROI that he wants from an IT toolset, it’s necessary to have a performance management system alongside that measures whether the desired business transformation is delivered. In my last post, I talked about the importance of being able to measure the benefits for automation management software. This week, I turn to a final domain, data management.

5 best practices for using SaaS

DP static banner.jpgThe latest issue of the Discover Performance newletter is full of great insights around software as a service. Enterprises are embracing SaaS to reduce costs and increase agility. But there’s a smart way to integrate SaaS into your organization. When any employee with a credit card and an Internet connection can potentially add software to your IT portfolio, there’s a real danger of SaaS sprawl.


Strategic SaaS sourcing starts by establishing IT procurement best practices. Create a proactive plan and consolidate solutions with our 5 steps to SaaS integration.

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How to create a performance scorecard for the domain of IT automation

Better Myles.jpgI’ve written before about the CIO whose remarks about performance management have really stayed with me. Basically, he told me that to get the business transformation and ROI that he wants from an IT toolset, it’s necessary to have a performance management system that measures the benefits that are delivered. In my last post, I talked about the importance of being able to measure the benefits of your business service management software. This week, I turn automation as a domain.

Lessons from McKesson’s IT transformation

mckesson.jpgLike many enterprises, health care giant McKesson Corporation has needed to deal with legacy infrastructure and IT systems that were not as efficient or cost effective as they should be. In a video from HP Discover, HP Software Evangelist Paul Muller talks to Andy Smith, VP of Application Hosting Services at McKesson, to find out out how the IT organization went from lagging behind external competitors to one that consistently beats their competition in price and quality.

How to maximize your leadership potential

joshuabrusse.jpgBy Joshua Brusse, Chief Architect, Asia Pacific and Japan, HP Software Professional Services


If you’re a manager in IT, I urge you to think about ways you can develop your leadership capabilities. Why is this so important? Simply put, businesses have less and less need of managers. Two workforce trends bear this out: the shift to outcome-based management (which I wrote about in an earlier post) and the culture of the younger generation, who are turned off by too much management. Managers are managing the status quo. But the future is about becoming innovative. We need people who are continually leading innovation (and therefore change). In the future, we won’t need managers. But we will need leaders, especially charismatic leaders.


I believe if you have leadership potential, you can take it one step further and become a charismatic leader: that is, someone like Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, etc., who truly connects with and galvanizes large numbers of people. Many people believe that charismatic leaders are born that way. That’s a myth. If you have leadership potential, you can become a charismatic leader. There are eight qualities I’ve identified in charismatic leaders. Develop these in yourself and you can maximize your leadership potential.

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Big data’s big changes can start small

planning for big data.gif

 Our main Discover Performance site just interviewed big data writer Edd Dumbill about the cultural changes enterprises will experience as they shift—and shift they must—to a data-driven world. Dumbill talks about how to create an enterprise that truly understands how to draw business value from big data, but we worried that his common-sense approach still sounded like a huge shift to make all at once. His reply was that it’s OK to start small.

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Discover day 4 wrap-up

discovervegas4.JPGWhat were the highlights of HP Discover? Our three Backstage bloggers – HP Software evangelist Paul Muller, Chief Cloud Technologist Christian Verstraete and Security Evangelist Rafal Los – share their thoughts and impressions at the close of the show.

Discover discussion: The relationship between business and IT

genekimvideodiscover.JPGHow has consumerization affected the relationship between the business and IT? What can IT learn from other industries that will help it evolve to meet the challenges it faces today? At HP Discover these questions sparked a fascinating and far-ranging discussion between three well-known experts – HP Chief Cloud Technologist Christian Verstraete, HP Software Evangelist Paul Muller and Tripwire founder and Visible Ops co-author Gene Kim – resulting in some very concrete insights that CIOs can start applying today.

Bill Veghte reviewed HP IT Performance Suite and put HP Executive Scorecard on top

bill.jpgBill Veghte, HP’s Chief Operating Officer, reviewed the HP IT Performance Suite in his keynote address this morning on the last day of HP Discover Vegas 2012. He shared specifically how the HP Executive Scorecard sits on the top of the solutions offering and is effectively the starting and ending point for customers to see, understand, and act. He went onto say that HP had listened to its customers when a year ago it came up with 170 KPIs that drive improved IT performance.

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HP Discover day 3 wrap-up

discovervegas3.JPGWhen every minute of downtime can have severe financial consequences, the strength of your applications testing process is central to your business. Our Backstage wrap-up video from day 3 of HP Discover has HP Security Evangelist Rafal Los talking with HP customer Faisal Asif, director of process and assurance at Baker Hughes, a global oilfield services company, about how software testing and security give them a competitive edge.

Mentor Graphics makes technology soar

At HP Discover Las Vegas, 2012, it’s the customer stories that really resonate.  During the event, HP Software Evangelist Paul Muller (@xthestreams) interviewed IT leader Ananthan Thandri from Mentor Graphics about who Mentor Graphics are and how HP is helping them optimize their IT.  Mentor Graphics is a leading electronic design automation company that helps designers conquer the challenges that come from working in the electronics space.

Accenture presentation on “Value-Driven IT Performance Scorecards”

At HP Discover Las Vegas 2012, I watched Claus Rydkjaer and Jakob Kaad from Accenture deliver a presentation called Value-Driven IT Performance Scorecards today. The presentation focused on Accenture’s emerging relationship with HP on its Executive Scorecard and the value the joint relationship provides. Most of all, it showed how Accenture and HP can make IT measurement and management matter to IT and business leaders.

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Discover security session: You never had control

Rafal_-Profile_Web.jpgBy Brian McDonough, Discover Performance Managing Editor


At HP Discover Las Vegas on Tuesday afternoon, Rafal Los, HP Software's chief security evangelist, talked the challenges of security in a cloud-based or hybrid world, part of the “Master the Cloud” track at the show.


CISOs can be major impediment to business agility because they're concerned with protecting the enterprise, which Los said has become a focus on “control.” And with the advent of hybrid IT delivery, security leaders tend to freak out because they can't control the cloud. Which begs one question, Los said: “Did you ever have control to begin with?”

Software keynote at Discover: The next generation of IT

markpottskeynote.JPGBy Brian McDonough, Discover Performance Managing Editor


Mark Potts, CTO of HP Software, took the stage in a large fifth-floor ballroom to discuss the future of IT and the way HP is evolving to meet it. If there was a single theme to be drawn from a 50-minute presentation that brought a number of HP execs to the stage, it was the fragmentary nature of the IT journey ahead of us. 


Hybrid delivery was at the foundation of much of what he said, but what showed through was the multiple options that a hybrid world brings also mean that there's no one way forward for every IT enterprise.  Potts' talk promised a world in which IT leaders can chart their own course, but can unify the solutions they choose to get more out of their IT.

HP Discover day 2 wrap-up

discovervegasday2.jpgWhether you’re joining us at HP Discover in Vegas, or simply following the show virtually, you can get a perspective on the day’s events from HP Software’s team of expert bloggers, Paul Muller, Christian Verstraete and Rafal Los in their daily wrap-up videos.

Autonomy keynote at HP Discover: Finding meaning in data

autonomykeynote.jpgIn business, finding information is only half the battle: You also need to take action on that information. To do that, business users need to have easy access to information in a way that helps them make better decisions. That was the message from Stouffer Egan, CEO, U.S., of Autonomy, who spoke at HP Discover in a keynote called “The biggest transition in the history of IT.”


Autonomy’s approach to information can help businesses manage interactions with customers (through mobile, web, and social media touchpoints, but also through audio files from customer service calls, for example). And while Autonomy’s offerings help businesses achieve competitive advantage through harnessing their information, they can also help businesses manage the risk their information poses, with solutions for ediscovery, data archiving and records.

Making it matter—Meg Whitman’s talk

Better Myles.jpgMeg Whitman gave her keynote speech today at HP Discover on “Making it Matter.”  Meg said, “This is what we do for our customers. We make technology work for them.” We are (at HP) about solving your problems and realizing your opportunities. Specifically, “we solve our customer problems around Converged Cloud; Security; and Information Management.” And as I think about what we are doing with the HP Executive Scorecard, I concluded that what Executive Scorecard is about at its core is demonstrating and managing IT to make it Matter.

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The HP Cloud Services vision at HP Discover

convergedcloudkeynote.JPGIn the next 10 years, IT organizations will evolve to be all about delivering services, in the process flipping the ratio from the CAPEX-heavy environments they largely are now to become essentially all OPEX. With this transformation comes the opportunity to meet the new BYOD world head on.


That’s the vision HP’s Zorawar “Biri” Singh, senior vice president, HP Cloud Services, just laid out in his “Winning with HP’s Converged Cloud Solutions” keynote today at HP Discover. With Converged Cloud, HP is embracing the trend toward IT as service broker and driving to where the future computing stack evolves.

Meg Whitman's keynote at HP Discover

What really stood out in the keynote session given by Meg Whitman this morning was the focus on the customer. “You’re the center of our universe … our people will do anything for you,” Whitman said, backing it up with stories about how HP has gone the extra mile for customers, including donning body armor in Afghaniststan to help the UK military set up and maintain its systems in a war zone.


We’re at a technology inflection point today, Whitman told the crowd, and hearkening back to her days as chief executive at eBay, she said the question is whether you will be a disruptor – or the disrupted.

HP Discover day 1 wrap-up

discover2012wrapupday1.JPGDay 1 of HP Discover is over, and in a show this big with so much going on, it can be easy to feel like you can’t keep up. Here’s one way to keep on top of the news coming out of the show: Each day HP Backstage is hosting an end-of-day wrap up, covering the news of the day and offering perspective and analysis from HP’s Backstage bloggers.

IT Leaders Discuss the use and value of Executive Scorecard

Better Myles.jpgOne of the things that we try to do at HP is listen to our customers. Often times this is accomplished around events. Today @HP Discover, we met with IT leaders from several companies regarding their use of Executive Scorecards. Each had a story to tell on the value of the product.

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What happens when an Aussie, a Belgian and a White Rabbit walk into the Guru Bar at HP Discover Las Vegas 2012?

Wguru bar.PNGhat happens when an Aussie, a Belgian and a white rabbit walk into a bar? If it’s the Guru Bar at HP Discover Las Vegas 2012  they might order a management martini, with two apps, but hold the malware, please.  What’s the Guru Bar?  It’s the place to get consultations about your software implementations from HP’s most knowledgeable software professional services experts during HP's showcase technology event, happening June 4-7 from Las Vegas.

My 5 favorite new features in HP Executive Scorecard 9.3

Better Myles.jpgFor those of you that have been reading my Discover Performance blogs, you know I have been suggesting that a balanced scorecard methodology applies to IT management and that this approach can help drive world class IT organizations with greater IT effectiveness, better business alignment, and lower cost. Or in HP lingo, it is about making it matter. A key underpinning of making this reality involves doing three things:

1)      eliminating the development timeline

2)      using data that customers already have

3)      setting measurable goals covering the full spectrum of IT functions

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