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The top 3 conversations from HP Discover

michael-garrett2.jpgEarlier this month I was in Las Vegas for HP Discover, our big semi-annual conference. On trips like this, I’m with customers from morning until evening, listening to IT leaders and hearing about their current challenges and working with them on solutions.


This time around I noticed a change in my conversations with customers. It’s as if we’ve reached a tipping point with the volume and connectedness of solutions that HP Software is now offering. So customers who may been siloed in the past are seeing solutions going across big data, mobility, security and the ITM portfolio, and they’re seeing the 1+1=3 benefits they get from this. What’s also striking is the relevance of these solutions to our customers—we’re solving real-world problems that basically no one else can solve.


When I look back on the conversations, these are the three highlights that stood out for me.

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Why keeping score in baseball and IT is more than a single-inning affair!

Innings.jpgLast week, I was talking with a consultant at a strategic integration and consulting company. He asked me a simple question: “How are operational reports from tools like HP Business Availability Center (BAC)—think single-inning baseball—different from a business IT scorecard?” Initially, I thought to myself, “What a stupid question aboutBAC”—but after thinking about it, I realized our customers might be asking the same question.


I pondered for a bit afterward, wondering where I should start my answer to his (and, perhaps, your) question.

The future of technology is today’s reality

D Caspari.jpg

David Caspari is Managing Director for HP South Pacific.


William Gibson observed,  “The future is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed.”


Here we are, six decades into the computer revolution, and we are finally in the era of the fully, digitally wired global economy. This is a revolution that HP was at the genesis of. It has been four decades since the invention of the microprocessor. We are two decades into the rise of the modern Internet, and it has been one decade since the peak of the 1990s dot-com bubble false start. We are in a place where industries can be transformed through technology and can be widely delivered at global scale.

Mobility 2020 SlideShare webinar


I've just created a "webinar" (i.e. slideShow plus voiceover) on our vision of Mobility in 2020. It's about 8 minutes long.


The text for the Mobility 2020 chapter can be found here

HP Discover CIO Summit asks: Is Netflix's cloud strategy leadership or an anomaly?

cloud.jpgHP Discover’s CIO Summits allow CIOs to dig deeper into subjects of particular interest. In the cloud breakout in Las Vegas last week, CIOs presented their viewpoints and learned more about the state of cloud strategy at HP IT. Obviously, cloud is a big deal for CIOs—HP IT said that what took them three months to provision now takes just 11 hours! This is how you spell enterprise agility when you think of provisioning development environments in particular.


A major retailer’s IT leader then asked, “Do you believe that we should transfer our existing apps to the cloud? Should we keep them where they are? Or should we just consider cloud as a bursting approach for our existing stuff?”

Three Things Executives Should Take-Away From HP Discover 2013

Mike WalkerLast week, more than 11,000 attendees from over 90 countries descended upon Las Vegas for HP Discover. Between the “New Style of IT” and “Make it Matter” themes there were some powerful stories told and established partnerships with companies like United Airlines, NASCAR, and others that showed how innovations are improving IT.

For me it’s a great conference to get a very broad understanding on HP’s top line strategy and a view into the entire portfolio. My focus at the event was to meet with industry peers, customers and HP leaders to discuss executive level concerns.


With the passing of a week since I listened to HP's CEO, Meg Whitman Keynote on the state of HP transformations, key announcements and the HP Point of View (PoV) on the ever changing landscape of IT I find myself still very positive and excited about the changes at HP. Listening to the keynote and spending the week with key product and marketing leadership it has provided a great deal of confidence in the HP strategy HP.

What is the business of IT?

IMG_1614-Edit_SML.jpgI want to suggest that, at a business level, there are only three functions that IT organizations perform. And most importantly, whether you eliminate your datacenters or not, these three things will remain valid. Think of these as the three business capabilities of IT:


1)      IT automates business capabilities.

2)      IT manages existing automation of business capabilities.

3)      IT serves end-users.


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Moving toward an infinitely safer food and drug supply chain


Peter Gadd, HP Software PSO Cloud Services Director, HP Software Professional Services, is responsible for worldwide sales and service of HP PSO’s Cloud Service offerings. His role at HP has been to successfully take a number of innovative cloud-based services to market to help organizations solve real-world problems, many of which can have significant impacts on the brand and security of their products.


His background is predominantly in customer-facing roles in the IT industry, where he has held senior-level positions over a 20-year career. During this time he also spent five years as a management consultant, focusing on delivering business and technology solutions to a range of market sectors. Peter is based in HP’s Bracknell (UK) office, and can be contacted at


There are few more stark visual contrasts I can think of than that between the elegant Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C., and a non-governmental organisation’s field operations in sub-Saharan Africa. In my job, I am privileged to have a view of both.

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Show me the money. Better yet, show me the value!

showme.jpgIs IT finance really about IT resource governance?

 Last week, I got to sit in on a customer advisory meeting prior to the opening of HP Discover. The participants worked in businesses as diverse as oil and gas, consumer goods, insurance and consultancies. We asked them about problems they were having with IT financial management. Their pain points centered on the following: 1) the ability to show value to the business; 2) the ability of the business to understanding there were limits to IT investment; and 3) the business finding that IT costs were too high.

Is your data center ready for 2020?


Dan Wood is Market Development Manager for HP Software.


Between now and 2020, nearly 1 billion youth will reach adulthood and will come of age with greater levels of awareness and connectivity within their world than ever before. How businesses and governments interact with, understand and engage this next generation of leaders, workers, educators and parents needs to be radically different. At HP, we’ve begun to gather thinkers and innovators from HP Labs, our business units and the enterprise community to inform, debate and help one another pave the way for enterprise success in 2020 and beyond.


Applications are the new competitive weapon as enterprises try to deliver more engaging experiences to mobile users. Our research shows that, by 2020, enterprises will need to deliver a 30x increase in the number of application refreshes compared with 2010. We see the “Enterprise App Store” emerging as a combination of in-house and cloud-sourced apps that are seamlessly available, and IT staff becoming the finders and binders of apps that solve business problems. How prepared is your data center for this wave of application updates?

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