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Do this and your IT org can be competitive with cloud vendors

Erik van Busschbach.JPGBy Erik van Busschbach


If you’re in central IT, how likely are you to hear this from the line of business? “Wow, guys, I never thought you could do the same thing as a cloud vendor.”


If you say “never,” then we should talk. As I wrote in my last blog post, central IT can regain control of the service lifecycle, drive business innovation and increase customer satisfaction. You can compete with cloud vendors on services. To get there HP Software Professional Services uses a framework called the IT Value Chain, which is basically a blueprint you use to transform your IT. My particular focus when I work with customers is at the very top of the value chain, in an area we call IT Services Strategy. When you fix your problems here, you drive down through the other parts of the value chain and improve all aspects of your IT operations.


If you want to hear LOBs sing your praises, you need to transform into a services-centric organization. Here’s how IT Services Strategy helps you do that.

Charting your career path from CIO to CEO

polansky.jpgToday’s IT leaders are being asked to take on additional responsibilities beyond traditional IT functions, says IT recruiter Mark Polansky, and along with those new responsibilities come new opportunities. Polansky, a senior client partner at executive search and talent consulting service Korn Ferry, says that the doors to higher ranks—doors that had previously been closed to CIOs—are opening.


As co-author of the Korn Ferry report, “CIO to CEO: Aspiring CIOs Should Focus on Critical Behavioral Skills,” Polansky found that there are “now more business-oriented folks in the CIO seat who can play a bigger, broader role in the corporation, who are more operationally oriented.”

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On the hunt for white hats: How academia can help secure the enterprise


A recent study by the Ponemon Institute found that almost 40 percent of security jobs are vacant. It’s a startling figure, as many skilled IT experts continue to look for work—sometimes after months of unemployment. In this episode of Discover Performance Weekly, HP Software evangelist Paul Muller (@xthestreams), asks, “Where have all the security professionals gone?” Joining him are Chris Veltsos (@DrInfoSec), a professor with the Department of Computer Information Science at Minnesota State University, and Jacob West (@sfjacob), CTO of HP Enterprise Security Products.

Happy 25th Anniversary HP Application Software Quality Business


One of the most significant (and exciting) consequences of the “New Style of IT” for vendors, IT departments and for business alike, is the challenge that past performance is no guarantee of future success.That’s not to say that history teaches us nothing nor that experience or best practise is suddenly less relevant. In my mind, quite the opposite.


The real key is leveraging that depth experience and knowledge and applying it to address the dynamics of the New Style of IT.


Nowhere is this more apparent than with HP Software’s Applications business, where the Mercury branch of this business, founded in 1989, celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Everything you need to know about Heartbleed


The Heartbleed bug has been topping technology news searches this week, and you need answers. What’s the real vulnerability here—passwords or certificates? How should my IT shop respond? Is open source doomed? Fortunately, there’s been a lot of great coverage in the HP Software blogosphere. Whether you’re a CIO, CISO or IT worker in the trenches, these posts and videos will arm you with what you need to know about Heartbleed.

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Testing times: How to deliver apps in hours, not months

AC.jpgAlastair Corbett leads HP’s UK&I Software Business Unit and has responsibility for its strategy, the promotion and selling of the IT Performance Suite and related services.


Our modern world is characterised by 24x7 living, short attention spans and “grazing” on information. Presumably that makes you a minority individual, for reading thus far. Yet this characterisation is, quite bluntly, true for many organisations: The delivery of apps and updates must be both rapid and of high quality.


Successful businesses use their ability to be flexible—reacting to situations as they develop—as a significant differentiator. And given that many organisations are fundamentally reliant upon software, the ability to modify and develop new apps in a short space of time is critical.

Unbreak my Heartbleed


Ken O'Hagan is director of software presales at UK&I at Hewlett-Packard.


The Heartbleed bug has broken the Internet’s heart. At the bedrock of the web’s security, we have SSL—the trusted padlock in the browser. It has been the Holy Trinity of trust across the Internet for years, and now the day has arrived when the ultimate blasphemy has occurred: SSL has been cracked and it has broken the Internet’s heart.


This is a scary thought, as this brings into stark light the relative fragility of IT. From a security perspective it reinforces the simple premise of “trust no one.” This is a massive quake to the online world, the ripples of which are being felt across the globe.

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MWC 2014 sessions capture key strategies for enterprise mobile applications

Mobility presents a significant opportunity for enterprise IT to deliver more value to the business through solutions, data, and applications, but it also introduces much greater complexity. You need forward-looking strategies and specialized tools and skills to develop enterprise mobile apps that support BYOD and the expectations of your users—while properly managing and securing the data.


To bring you some great ideas on using mobility to transform your business, we’ve gathered links to videos of eight sessions HP presented at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona.

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The washed-up CIO: From up-and-comer to persona non grata


Joel H. Dobbs is the CEO and President of The Compass Talent Management Group LLC (CTMG), a consulting firm.


We’ve all read books and seen movies about promising executives whose rising careers transform into crashing failures. Perhaps you’ve even seen it firsthand—even worse, perhaps it has happened to you. It can happen for a number of reasons, perhaps due to ethical or moral failures. Sometimes, as I explored in an earlier post on executive derailment, the problem can be traced to an IT executive’s failure to build and nurture peer relationships. But sometimes it is something else.

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Discover Performance Weekly: Working hard or hardly working: what are your employees up to?


In this episode, HP Software evangelist and VP of Strategic Marketing Paul Muller (@xthestreams) examines a recent study that found only 13% of employees are engaged at work. Paul sits down with Lou Markstrom, an author, coach and business and personal development consultant, and Joshua Brusse, chief architect and CTO for HP Software APJ. Hear strategies to drive better engagement at work and improve work-life fulfillment outside of work.


Watch the video now!

Why converged security matters: The business benefit of integrating security with IT operations

gerben verstraete.jpgBy Gerben Verstraete


Managing security risks in the enterprise takes a coordinated effort. In many organizations I work with, security is isolated from IT management functions and lacks complete insight into services operations. Security is often an afterthought when new IT capabilities are being built and deployed. This can be a huge liability when your trade secrets, customer details, or brand names are at stake.


By integrating information from IT operations and security, you can add enriched context to both infrastructure and security operations. Doing so lets you automate the process of pinpointing threats, thwarting harmful intrusions before they can cause significant damage.


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How HP's big data platform, HAVEn, is used to optimize complex systems

We are creating ever more complicated systems. But we need help to optimise these systems; to optimise the resources we apply to these systems.
In this post I look at how big data is used to optimise our complex systems.


Using HP's big data solution to fix problems with complex systems

IT ops analytics diagram.png
Us humans are creating ever more complex systems. Which is great. But whenever these systems go wrong, it’s becoming harder to figure out where the problem lies. Big data can help because typically, these complex systems create a lot of data that we need to analyse quickly in order to diagnose problems.
In this post, I look at how HP's big data solution, HAVEn, is being used to fix complex problems. 

How customers are using big data to fight fraud, cheating and enforce compliance

arcsight email.png

In this post, I look at how customers are using HP's big data solution, HAVEn, to improve their operations - IT operations, business operations, security operations.


We look first at fraud and compliance management.

CIO to CEO: Climbing the leadership ladder


In the Deloitte CIO Survey 2013, the professional services firm found that many CIOs yearn to have a deeper impact on business strategy and move up the corporate ladder. Polling 700 CIOs and IT leaders from 36 countries, the survey found that nearly a half of the respondents were looking to further their careers in positions beyond IT. Aspiring to more senior roles in the executive management team—notably the COO or CEO role—and moving to a career outside of IT “may have been unlikely in the past,” the report found, “but our survey shows that attitudes and aspirations on this are starting to change.”


To connect the dots along the path from CIO to CEO in the real world, we caught up with Shawn Banerji, whom we spoke with last year about IT mentoring, succession and the changing role of the CIO. As a managing director at Russell Reynolds Associates, Banerji advises clients on the role of technology across the enterprise and helps them attract the leaders of the future. Banerji, too, sees the enterprise IT landscape shifting, but it’s not without challenges for IT leaders who want to move ahead.

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Discover Performance Weekly: A guide to innovation: Make big risks pay off big time


Taking big risks can have big innovation payoffs, but you have to follow the best practices for fostering risk and innovation. In this episode of Discover Performance Weekly, HP VP of Strategic Marketing Paul Muller (@xthestreams) discusses the innovation process explored in the article “The smart way to embrace risk—and make it pay off.”


Watch the video now!

Application Performance Management that meets today’s Ops challenges head-on

O'Hagan.jpgKen O'Hagan is director of software presales at UK&I at Hewlett-Packard.


I have been allowed away from my desk of late to see the inner workings of our customer’s operations support teams. I don’t get a chance to do it as often as I used to, so I enjoy taking an almost time-lapse view of how Operations Management is evolving over the years.


We have seen tectonic shifts in technology over the past four to five decades (for the record, not quite personally in my case). Each era has brought its own set of challenges to isolating infrastructure issues so they can be diagnosed and fixed. With the mainframe, we had to diagnose a simple terminal device, through (early on) an SNA network, to “THE HOST”—then it was very reasonably easy (no offence to the Mainframe Jedis who maintain the equilibrium) to spot the failed jobs once there.


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