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What do real-life CIOs need to measure?

My picture2.jpgI’ve written before about what measures IT leaders should be tracking to achieve IT transformation and demonstrate increased business value. Now I want to share what I’ve learned from talking to real-life CIOs about what they want to measure and how they should be measuring themselves. My analysis is based upon interviews of a diverse group of CIOs from the following organizations: 

  • A global insurer
  • A major US insurer
  • 2 major regional banks
  • A major retail chain
  • A major oil and gas manufacturer
  • A major healthcare provider
  • A worldwide consumer goods company
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IT leaders to share experiences at Discover Vegas 2012

Banner.GIFHP Discover, HP’s largest customer event, takes place June 4-7 in fabulous  Las Vegas.  I’ll be there and I can’t wait.  There will be more than 800 exhibits, displays, demos, sessions and hands-on labs, and those are always educational, thought-provoking and packed with useful, relevant information.  But it’s the people I meet and the stories I’m told that stay with me long after the exhibits are torn down and I’ve left the bright lights of Vegas behind. 

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Understanding DevOps vs NoOps

You can't hide from the DevOps conversations going around in the IT world today.  DevOps represents a fundamental shift in how applications are being delivered to the new 'web' via cloud, mobile and other channels. For the CIO, this shift means that their development teams not only write the code but deliver and maintain it in production as well - potentially revolutionizing go-to-market speed and agility for the organization. Lately, however, there has been a bit of a ruckus over the NoOps concept. 
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Leading versus lagging indicators of IT performance

My picture2.jpgRecently, there have been some articles and a lot of blog chatter about IT Key Performance Indicators. This of course is a good thing because improved measurement and management is critical to IT organizations getting a seat at the table. A key element of this discussion has focused around the question of what is a leading indicator versus a lagging indicator per the blog posts by Eric Brown and Jerry Bishop.

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The vision behind the HP IT Performance Suite: A conversation with Erez Yaary

erez_yaary.pngErez Yaary is the product line manager for the HP IT Performance Suite (ITPS), focusing on new and innovative ways to deliver IT software. Discover Performance asked him to talk a bit about the origins of HP ITPS and explain the thinking that led to its creation.


Could you tell us a bit about the background experience that gave rise to ITPS and the Executive Scorecard?


Dashboards and scorecards have always fascinated me as they provided a means to better see and manage operations–and IT is no exception. I come from the operations space and served as BSM Chief Functional Architect. In that position I focused on service health and operations bridge where one would consolidate operational data and give it a business context, thus managing operations from a business view. Drawing from that experience it dawned on me that in order for IT to perform better, a performance system is required, making sense out of isolated pieces of data by means of giving them business sense.

HP Discover Session Catalog Live

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The Top 10 Reasons to pursue an IT Performance Management Strategy

My picture2.jpgLast week, I attended two roundtable events put on by Information Week and Hewlett Packard. During the lead-in for the event, the moderator asked the attendees about the importance of performance management and the current state of IT management and measurement at their companies.

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3 ways retail banks can improve performance of their ATM operations

swamy_ramchandran.jpgBy Swamy Ramchandran, Business Consultant, HP Software Professional Services


Swamy Ramchandran has more than 12 years of experience in Process and Services Outsourcing and Retail Payments. He consults with HP FSI and retail enterprise customers specifically around ATM and EFT POS monitoring and management.


Retail banking is an extremely competitive landscape. For consumers, the cost of switching to another bank is minimal. So banks must look for every edge they can when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. One way to find competitive advantage is by optimizing ATM operations.

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5 ways to measure the success of a security and risk management strategy

My picture2.jpgSecurity is a front-and-center concern for businesses today. Cyber threats are getting more sophisticated and even more unpredictable. More importantly, the risks associated with getting security and risk management wrong include everything from financial loss, reputation damage, customer loss, lawsuits and even human life. As it turns out, it is a lack of IT coordination between people, process, and technology that actually creates the blind spots attackers exploit. Piling on more software, more processes, and more stopgap measures is simply not a sustainable option.

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How one VP of Ops drives relevance through efficiency and asking tough questions

My picture2.jpgIn my last blog, you may remember that I shared my study of Vice Presidents of Operations and the starter KPIs they should be measuring themselves against. This week I would like to add onto this by sharing a discussion this week with an amazing VP of Operations—let’s call him John (“the name has been changed to protect the innocent”). John works for a world class technology company, but to be absolutely clear it is not HP.

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Driving Relevance for VP of Applications

Indiana.jpgIn my most recent blog, I presented a study of the anthropology of VP of Operations—in particular, I shared what they care about and their world view. In this blog, I will put the attention on the other side of the house by covering the VP of Applications. To be clear, VP of Applications are not a universal role for IT organizations and as well, the role varies from organization. We find Vice President of Applications typically where there is a CIO on top of the entire IT organization. As well, we find that they divide between those that own just development and those that own application production and development.

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Six steps to capture IT consumerisation benefits without compromising compliance

Clarity.jpgIn part one
 of this two-part post, I highlighted the evolution of bring your own device (BYOD)into BYOE (Bring Your Own Everything) and what it means to the performance of enterprise IT.  Here in part two I describe the concrete steps you can take to avoid IT backlash with a balanced approach designed to mimimises consternation while encouraging innovation.

Compliance and cost concerns fuel an IT consumerization backlash

Photo by AndieArbeit - this, the first of a two-part post, I reflect on the hype surrounding the consumerization of IT, the broader changes that consumerization will bring and why I think that "your users are revolting".  In part two of the series I'll provide 7 steps that you can take to make sure that IT consumerization doesn't generate more pain than profit. 

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