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The top 10 Discover Performance articles of 2012

DP static banner.jpgIt’s the time of year for year-end wrap ups and top ten lists. In that spirit, we’re celebrating the end of 2012 with a look back at some of the most popular articles from our sister publication, the Discover Performance ezine.


What was most on our readers’ minds? Well, from the top 3 articles it’s easy to see that security and the challenges of securing a BYOD world were paramount concerns. Also in our top ten are topics like big data, SaaS, cloud and DevOps. Here they are, counting down to our No. 1 article for 2012.

You have to read this: Discover Performance bloggers pick their top book recommendations

16C.Heather-Tendo Communications SF-STOLL 2012.jpgOne thing I’m looking forward to over the holidays is finally catching up on some reading. To fill out my reading list I asked some of our Discover Performance bloggers what books they’re reading that they would recommend to IT leaders. Here are the results. It’s a wide-ranging list, but if we’ve left out any books you consider must-reads, please let us know in the comments.

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How can you be more innovative in 2013? 3 tips from the pros

DP static banner.jpgWhat do organizations that value innovation do differently? Turns out that creating new business value through IT goes beyond delivering great technology, it’s about improving processes, increasing agility and working smarter.


For practical advice, Discover Performance turned to three IT innovation experts—consultants who advise CIOs in the trenches daily—and asked:

  • How are CIOs advancing innovation within their organizations?
  • How are they aligning IT innovation with the business?
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Why Gartner thinks DevOps might be the answer to IT complexity

This just came in from the Discover Performance newsletter, and we wanted to share it with blog readers Gartner has some interesting data on DevOps and how it can help solve the problem of IT complexity.

The 12 days of Christmas - what the enlightened CIO will get for Christmas

xmas.jpgI was asked to write an article listing the things that IT management might want to consider for 2013 and beyond. I started writing it at the same time as my wife created a test batch of mulled wine.


The output from this combination is "The 12 days for Christmas for a CIO".

4 ways to plan a better IT budget for 2013

rafaelbrugnini.jpegBy Rafael Brugnini


Approaching fiscal year end, many of us are planning our 2013 budget and deciding how to spend any surplus. Having just spent a week at HP Discover Frankfurt, along with 9,000 customers, I was struck by the overall change in sentiment amongst our customers beginning to plan for the next  12 months. This time last year, the impact of stalling economies and government austerity measures led to a cautionary “let’s wait and see” mood. This year, whilst the economy is hardly upbeat, the sentiment my from 30 customer meetings has shifted to “we can’t wait anymore”.


More than ever, the pressure is to “do more with less”. Those I spoke to were asking for help “manoeuvring” their budgets. So before you follow the same plans as last year, consider the following to get the most out of your 2013 IT spend:


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3 goals for providing more timely and effective response to IT users

IMG_1614-Edit_SML.jpgIn a recent post, I discussed the importance of your service agreements. This post we will look at how well we respond either to breaks in service or a user needing something from IT. The response to these of course needs to be measured against your service level agreements. The COBIT 5 Service Request and Incident Process has as its objective the timely and effective response to user requests and incident resolution. This means restoring normal service, fulfilling user requests, and escalating and resolving incidents effectively. This includes recording what happened so that improvement can take place the next time.

Lessons from HP CIO Summit: Are you working with your CMO?

daniel_dorr.JPGBy Daniel Dorr


Last week, HP brought together over 100 CIOs from around the Europe, Middle East and Africa at HP Discover Frankfurt. They were there to share ideas and discuss how HP can help them achieve their business objectives; and all agreed, business growth was key. 


To help CIOs come up with some new ideas for how they can partner with their business peers to accomplish their goals, HP invited a panel of three CMOs from various industries to talk about their priorities and how they’d like to work with IT.

Labels: CIO Summit

Want more value from ITSM? 4 models for more effective service management

David_official.jpgAs someone who’s been involved in ITSM for a number of years, I’ve been doing some thinking recently on where our industry is evolving to. It’s clear to me that with cloud, flat IT budgets and the continuing struggles that many organisations have with even the basics of service management that we’ve got to get smarter about ITSM. Some of this came out in a blog post I wrote on demonstrating the value in service management. Instead of focusing on implementing discrete processes, why don’t we focus on implementing value chains? After all, this is what actually has meaning for the customer. Then at least we have a way to show the distinct value realised for our efforts.


All of that is prelude to what I think needs to come next: applying those value chains to operating models and—depending where your organisation is—deciding which to implement. Because it is not one size fits all.  

Labels: ITSM

What to measure in order to secure the enterprise

IMG_1614-Edit_SML.jpgOccasionally, I get to hear other sessions at HP Discover just like HP’s customers. So on Monday , I went to a session titled “Security operations: Maturity, effectiveness, and ROI” by HP’s ArcSight team. Now I have gotten to touch security before in my career. A while back I had been brought into a company called iSpheres by the CEO and board to look at getting them into a new business. One of the areas we looked at for the company’s technology was security because the president of iSpheres came out of security and saw the need for a higher level security product. As we evaluated the opportunity, everyone said not to go there because there was startup that had already figured this out. The company’s name was ArcSight.

Marketing and IT—no longer frenemies?

boxingjpg.jpgI believe that IT and marketing must work more closely together in the future.


After 20 years in marketing, I can't think of a single project I've worked on that wouldn't have benefitted from better use of IT.


I think that IT will increasingly be used as a competitive weapon by marketing. Hopefully, the majority of that IT will be provided by the Enterprise IT group and not purchased from the cloud.


(photo by livegym-showtime on Flickr)

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