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Establishing an IT performance system - the white paper

iStock_000006080650Small.jpgJust before the holiday break, myself and a group of HP Software colleagues put the finishing touches on a white paper designed to help you introduce the concept of an IT performance system to your enterprise. 

12 IT Trends for 2012: #2 Death of a pager, IT management goes mobile

Despite nearly 20 years having passed, I still vividly remember the first time I installed and configured a network management134 | Joy.jpg solution at a major enterprise. Part of the reason was that it taught me a valuable lesson in IT automation and management - to free yourself from the bright and shiny GUI in order to get "real work" done. Almost a decade later and I think it's time for a rethink of remote IT management.

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12 IT Trends for 2012: #1 Social IT - IT management as a team sport

Following on from my summary post, this is the first in a series of twelve short articles describing each of the “top 12 IT trends for ‘12” that I believe will challenge IT managers to perform better during 2012.

group hug 

The first three all share a “social IT” theme, the first being importance of establishing a collaborative or social IT capability.


Kudos to the UK's Channel 4 for inspiration from their fabulously funny IT Crowd and the Friendface episode in particular.

Gain visibility into cloud performance

cloud_visibility.jpgCloud computing offers numerous benefits, but unfortunately for operations execs, visibility is not one of them. Before you hand off applications to a cloud provider, you need to make sure you have the monitoring capabilities to track performance and predict and diagnose problems in the cloud. Find out what to look for in a cloud monitoring solution.

Twelve IT trends to challenge your performance in '12

Fortune cookies.JPGWith our 2011 performance coming to a close, we all need to start thinking about putting the finishing touches on our 2012 scorecard and goals. However, to paraphrase Robert Burns "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry", the challenge with setting goals is that you don't always know what changes and challenges might throw your plans into chaos. 


I've put together a list of some of the big changes that I think might impact IT delivery and performance in 2012 and would love to hear yours. 

Do you know when to downsize your data?

downsize_data.jpgIf you're an information management exec, you’re probably focused on getting the most out of your organization’s mission-critical data. But effectively managing the information you don't need on a day-to-day basis can play an enormous role in helping your organization meet critical business objectives as well. Here’s how to downsize your data for lower costs and increased performance.

3 progress metrics you need for managing applications development teams

dpblogpromo.jpgApps execs often rely on legacy processes like spreadsheets to manage their departments. But these outdated methods that can’t hope to keep up with the new realities of application delivery. What’s needed is a system that will provide the kind of in-context visibility that a manual system can’t. Here’s what you need to know to start better managing large teams and modern development demands.

Modern IT needs management intelligence

dpblogpromo.jpgIT has helped business intelligence and analytics gain traction in enterprises, but not in their own departments. Find out how IT leaders can improve the way they manage the business of IT and adopt integrated strategies that demonstrate IT’s worth.

Cloud or traditional provisioning? Examine both financial and non-financial performance

keithmacbeath.jpgBy Keith Macbeath


(Keith Macbeath is a senior principal consultant with HP Software Professional Services)



It’s no secret that cloud computing offers tremendous business benefits, such as near-instant IT service delivery as well as the potential for significant cost savings in some instances. With cloud, organizations can have resources provisioned in minutes or even seconds. And cloud offers  productivity gains in operations, which are typically 60 percent to 70 percent of overall IT costs.


But those benefits often come with a tradeoff in loss of control over IT performance. Many businesses, compelled by the promise of faster time to market, are moving to the cloud anyway, without proper visibility into their IT environments. Others are hanging back, and are missing out on cloud benefits.


You CAN have both. But it requires some financial planning and analysis. Here's how.


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To improve IT performance, federal CIOs must change their role – but how?

davidwray.jpgBy David Wray, Chief Technology Officer, HP Software Federal Professional Services


(David Wray has over 25 years of experience in designing and implementing software solutions. For the past 10 years, he has helped Federal agencies implement solutions for CPIC, budget formulation and execution, project and portfolio management, acquisition, and risk and compliance solutions.)


Back in August of this year, the Office of Management and Budget released a memo aimed at heads of executive departments and agencies basically saying that as part of the U.S. Federal CIO IT Reform Plan, federal CIOs should become true portfolio managers. Like many OMB memos on the state of federal IT today it contained a lot of common sense. Unfortunately, many of the recommendations are easier said than done. Let's look at the four key areas over which agency CIOs should have ownership according to the OMB.


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Final Discover Vienna video wrap-up

Here’s the final video wrap up from HP Discover Vienna, offering highlights from Day 3 as well as the show overall. Hear from Raf about his presentation on security and from Christian about what he’s hearing customers say about cloud. And Paul Muller interviews special guest Mark Tomlinson of Shunra to hear what the show was like from an HP partner’s perspective.


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