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3 Goals for Setting Service Level Agreements

IMG_1614-Edit_SML.jpgSeveral years ago I talked to a brand name bank about their SLA process with their customers. IT was already measuring performance, so they had an idea how well they were doing. They suggested that their current numbers should be their SLAs. Or maybe they would adjust the SLA a peg up or a peg down based on how much the customer complained. This IT department was setting SLAs based on what it was doing—not on what the enterprise actually needed. It really should be the other way around.



How vendor management can bring cloud success

michael-garrett2.jpgThere are few who seriously doubt the future of information services is ‘cloudy’. This move to cloud computing often presents some serious challenges for IT professionals, who may previously have controlled every element of the IT services they delivered. Now they face unprecedented user demand for specialized IT cloud applications from many suppliers, other than themselves and from pressurised colleagues who are less interested than ever in how IT services are delivered.


Not being responsible for creating an IT service though is no excuse for not managing its success.

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How to reduce business and IT risk while limiting security vulnerabilities!

IMG_1614-Edit_SML.jpgIf emergency changes aren’t already a big issue for your IT shop, they should be. Why? Well, let’s get clear on what an emergency change is in the first place. It is a change that is recorded after the change has been implemented. It has been recorded largely for compliance reasons. Often it can be a change to fix an implementation gone south. COBIT 5 worries enough about this category of changes that it has even created a KPI to measure emergency changes that are not approved post implementation.

Security and IT Operations in 2020

blog_thief.jpgAs we wrote the new IT Operations 20/20 chapter of the Enteprise 20/20 crowd sourced future vision, it become clear to us that all the technological wonders of 2020 are predicated upon us having good security and privacy management.


This post highlights the challanges we face in tackling security and privacy in 2020:


  • The hacker explosion as 2 billion more people get web access
  • Mobile malware as millions more mobile apps get released
  • "Dirty" bring-your-own-devices poluting the corporate network, and thus, data
  • Business processes calling cloud services, which in turn, call other cloud services
  • Increasing use of SaaS makes those SaaS providers a large, prestigious target for hackers
  • The increase in the number of smart devices and arrays of sensors massively increases the "attack surface" for hackers. It also raises a whole series of privacy issues
  • Privacy in collaboration systems between groups of people working together

At HP Discover 2012, find out how you can navigate the Road to 2020

Dan Wood.jpgBy Dan Wood 

Join us as we unveil volume one of the crowd-sourced ebook, Enterprise 20/20, and showcase VisionaryX, a technology-enabled enterprise that HP has helped put on its own Road to 2020.

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