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What is HP's Big Data platform?

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What is HP's Big Data platform? In this blog post, we'll start by recapping the data it can collect. Then we'll look at the analyses that it can perform on that data. And finally, I'll explain where the name "HAVEn" comes from :-)

Ponemon founder: Inside-out attacks can mirror outside-in attacks


According to the report “2013 Cost of Cyber Crime Study: United States,” the cost, frequency and time to resolve cyberattacks has risen for the fourth consecutive year. HP recently released the results from its global study, conducted by the Ponemon Institute, and the report determined that the most costly cybercrimes—to the tune of $11.56 million per organization annually—are caused by denial-of-service, malicious-insider and web-based attacks.


Keeping ne’er-do-wells out of your enterprise is no easy feat—fighting cybercriminals inside your office is even tougher. Discover Performance recently interviewed Dr. Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of the Ponemon Institute, to learn more about keeping malicious insiders at bay, whether they are employees, contractors or vendors.

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The cloud adoption roadmap: Dead ends, detours and potholes


DD Mishra is a partner at CIO Specialist Advisory LLP and a member of the Discover Performance community's IT Strategy & Performance LinkedIn group.


Not long ago, I was having coffee with a consultant friend of mine. He asked me a seemingly straightforward question: "What are the barriers to cloud adoption?" However, knowing my friend’s extensive experience in the area of cloud computing, I realized his question was a googly (or a curveball, for those unfamiliar with cricket). Indeed, it’s a topic has been volleyed on countless forums, roundtables, events, cocktail parties, and tech media; hence, it was not a new question to have been asked by this gentleman. In response, I posed a counter-question: "What answers do you get from others?" After a considerable silence, he said: "I seldom get the true picture."

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“I’m on the train”: How mobile technologies impact business


Alastair Corbett leads HP’s UK&I Software Business Unit and has responsibility for its strategy, the promotion and selling of the IT Performance Suite and related services.


I remember Trigger Happy TV in the early days of mobile phones with “I’m on the train” being shouted across the carriage. It’s a phrase I still find myself unable to use. Now it’s all heads bent to the little screen—checking emails, touching up presentations or transferring funds with the banking app… And maybe there’s the Twitter equivalent of “I’m on the train” going on too!


So how does all of this new technology impact business? Organisations have had to change dramatically over the last decade or so. We’ve come from a legacy of IT providing discrete systems to automate specific business functions. Now we’re in an era where firstly, the technology is more capable and is therefore used more extensively; and secondly, the pressure from both customers and staff has dealt a fatal blow to the earlier fortress mentality for protecting the enterprise.

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Webcast: “CIOs vs CMOs: Who’s biggest on Big Data?”—register now!


As vendors make inroads by selling to LOBs—and getting chief marketing officers (CMOs) to sign the contracts—Big Data initiatives are as likely to be born in marketing as they are in IT. To find out how this new environment is changing the roles of IT and marketing/LOBs, HP Discover Performance is hosting a webcast that brings a CIO and CMO together for a frank discussion of Big Data. Who should have control? 


Tune in to hear both camps discuss, debate and hash out the issues. Listen to the conversation, “CIOs vs CMOs: Who’s biggest on Big Data?” on October 30, 11 am PDT, to see where Big Data is headed, how it will get there, and if the CIO and CMO can bury the hatchet along the way. Register now.

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