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BYOD doesn’t stand for 'Bring Your Own Disaster': How to tame BYOD


HP Software Chief Evangelist Paul Muller (@xthstreams), continues his weekly vlog of video conversations with various IT thought leaders on the big issues of the day—this week, Paul takes on BYOD with industry experts, Tim Crawford, Brian Katz and Genefa Murphy.


Check it out now!

Step #1 for successful cloud brokering: Start with a strategic plan

Collin Chau is Cloud Evangelist (Cloud Automation and Management) at HP.


Most enterprise IT organizations operate based on a long-term strategy. Just as cloud IT services should not replace traditional IT, your hybrid cloud IT service model should not supplant your existing IT initiatives. The best approach will be to blend your cloud plans with your current IT strategy over a three- to five-year horizon.

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Discover Performance is back on Twitter


Discover Performance is now back on Twitter as @HPITperformance, with everything IT leaders need to be more strategic - #cloud #BigData #mobile #security #CIO #AppDev.


Be sure to follow us for up-to-the-minute info on solutions and strategies for tackling IT challenges. We’ll cover issues facing tech leaders today—such as cloud, mobile, social, security, Big Data and more—as well as what’s new and what’s next in technology.


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Introducing Discover Performance Weekly - check out Episode 1 on CIO predictions for 2014

Discover Performance weekly grab.JPGHere's a new video series with great insight for anyone in an IT leadership position. HP Software Chief Evangelist Paul Muller is starting a Discover Performance Weekly vlog of video conversations with various IT thought leaders on the big issues of the day.


First up is this conversation with Brian Weiss of Autonomy and Tim Crawford, former CIO and current CIO strategic advisor about what's going to matter to CIOs in 2014. Highlights of their conversation include their sense of how the CIO is going to drive more value in 2014, what's up with CIOs and marketing (what does it mean that everyone's predicting marketing will be responsible for the lion's share of IT spend?), and why "everythings" like the Internet of Everything and Software Defined Everything need to be on your radar.


Next week: BYOD - is it Bring Your Own Device or Bring Your Own Disaster? Be sure to tune in.

The next big thing: The Internet of Things and wearables

AcrobatScreenSnapz016.jpgThe Internet of Things (IoT)—embedding sensors and actuators into physical objects to link them to the digital world—is quickly becoming the next big thing. According to McKinsey, IoT is poised to be one of the 10 disruptive technologies that will transform the way we live and work; Forrester sees development for wearables beginning to mature in 2017, with ready availability of back-end software and services for enterprises in 2019. HP’s numbers are even more telling: IoT is projected to connect 1 trillion-plus objects in the next decade—up from 9 billion today—with market growth estimated to be $325 billion in 2018. 

New Apps from Old: No Genie Required


One of the most popular Pantomime shows is Aladdin,where one of key scenes is when the sorcerer offers Aladdin’s wife "New Lamps for Old" to secure the magical services of the Genie of the Lamp. For some reason, my mind made the leap from “New Lamps for Old” to “New Apps from Old”.  Aladdin unleashed the genie by polishing a tarnished old lamp.  The magic here is not just “polishing up” your applications by adding a mobile wrapper but “mobilizing” them to extend their use and address new requirements.  


Let me give you an example from HP Software’s own enterprise application portfolio, HP Quality Center.  We have recently made Quality Centre mobile to address the fact software is no longer just the domain of computers, phones or tablets, but embedded in everything from fridges to forks.



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4 things that Warren Buffet does—and why CIOs should take note


Joel H. Dobbs is the CEO and President of The Compass Talent Management Group LLC (CTMG), a consulting firm.


I have long been fascinated with Warren Buffet. He has neither the bearing nor the speech that one would expect from an extremely wealthy investor and business magnate. I find he is further set apart by his restrained, levelheaded approach to investing. There is much wisdom to be found in his business management and investment philosophies that can benefit CIOs. The following insights were gleaned from an annual letter he sent to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders some years ago, and a subsequent interview he gave shortly thereafter on CNBC.


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