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HP 9250 C black screen

Our digital sender shows a dead screen on the touch panel and we cant seem to get it back on. At first we thought it might be the contrast but in the end we have tried a few different things but nothing seems to bringing it back up. Is there anything I can do to fix this ? 

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Re: HP 9250 C black screen

Only thing would be with the power off remove the formatter. In the back there are two thumb screws which you loosen and the formatter cage with come out. Remove it and then reinsert with a little force and try again.
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Re: HP 9250 C black screen



If you have already tried to remove and reinstall the control panel unit on the Digital Sender in an attempt to fix, then consider to remove and resinstall the memory DIMM/s and the Firmware DIMM (Flash DIMM) on the formatter board.  Wait for 2 minutes before you install these back onto the formatter board.


Check the heartbeat LED status on the formatter when plugged in and powered on.  A heartbeat LED on the formatter panel most certainly indicates a good formatter.  It may be a fault memory DIMM or a Firmware DIMM (in some cases a faulty memory DIMM slot or the Firmware DIMM slot can be faulty).


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