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DSS and License Keys

My company has over 80 HP9200C/9250C Digital Senders and they are managed from a central server running HP Digital Sending Software v4.8.8. I have need to move DSS and the senders to a new server; however, I do not have any of the original license key files. I recently inherited support for this system and the previous admin has left the company so I am SOL. I have tried manually entering the license key into the new DSS on the new server but it is not accepting it. I have read somewhere that licenses are no longer required but I don't trust that. I was able to add 46 senders to the new server but it won't let me add any more without a new license. The license section on DSS is showing these 46 seats as "Digital Sender Auto Generated". I don't want to come into work one day and the 46 I've migrated won't work anymore because some trial license just expire. I tried to dowload DSS 4.11 but it won't let me (maybe newer versions handle licenses differently?).

How can I migrate or re-key the old license into the new server without the origianl license files? Entering the license code (42ce-####-####-####-####) from the old DSS into the new DSS does not work.

Or, how can I be assured that licenses are no longer needed? If so, how do I get past the 46 device barrier?

PS: Digital Senders aren't cheap. We've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on these things so to require a license to manage them seems so ridiculous and sunch an unecessary complication. I really doubt there's a big black market demand for DSS.


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Re: DSS and License Keys

Both the 9200C and the 9250C will auto-generate the license on a new server. There is no 46 seat limit. After the trial period only devices using the trial are affected as those who create Auto-generated seats (or purchased) use those.
Most DSS versions support at least 250 MFP devices. There is no migration for auto-generated 9200C series devices.

No one says it always works %100 of the time but in theory this is how it works.

As for the issue of "no more seats available" I have seen this and it may not be an issue when you move to the new server (for many reasons). There are no license keys for any 9250C and for the 9200C HP stopped using them a few years back with DSS versions 4.03.5 and later (4.08.8 for the 9250C). If possible get your hands on 4.10.5 if 4.11.11 does not work.

Call HP if you have a problem as the DSS archives is not on the public HP FTP site.

PS: 1. Digital Senders do not requires DSS to operate, DSS is third-party integration.
2. You paid for support, call HP, make them fix the issues with moving DSS and license generation (as well as many other issues I have seen).

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Re: DSS and License Keys

Thanks for the post, Kevin. You provided excellent information. I did get with my HP account rep and he hooked me up with Digital Sender support and they confirmed the licensing you described. I thought the licenses were suppose to be auto-generated but when I got the licensing error I got very concerned.

I found out what was behind the perceived 46 device limit. The 47th device I tried to add had something screwy with it which caused DSS to erroneosly present the "no more license" message. For kicks I tried adding a different digital sender and it worked so I knew the issue was with the device not DSS. I resolved the problem by reinstalling the same revision of firmware on the troubled digital sender and now all is good.

Thanks again!
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Re: DSS and License Keys

I did as the following:

Turn on all you digital senders and connect them as before.

in my old server:
1. open the digital sending software.
2. under general tab, remove the licenses, you can't remove the auto generated one.
3. apply and then close.

in the new server:
1. open the digital sending software.
2. open Mfp Configuration tab and click add.
3. type in the IP address for you digital senders or click on find mfps.
4. add them to you Mfp List by clicking add, if you recieve a message telling you about you have to take the ownership, agree it.
5. click close
6. setup the Folders again (if you enabling scans to folders) also recheck your mfps settings.

all done and works 100%, I just did this and I've tested the scan to my email and to a folder and they are all works on the new server :-)

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Re: DSS and License Keys

i have also the same problem,i have 2 DSS installed on 2 different servers ,one of them has 37 DS Added & other have 17 added .now if i am adding a new one(9250,9250c or 9200) in any of those DSS it throws the error no seats available/no licenses.can any one help on this matter
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Re: DSS and License Keys

Funny. Doesn't work for me. I'm showing 30 days left on my temp license...
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