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moving database between volumes

I have a 968LX that I am trying to use dbutil to move the database files from the system volume to a specific loogical device within a member volume.

When I use the command M[OVE] Image file name TO device and specifiy a proper file name and device number, It returns an fserr 55 , unable to copy file, device not available.

IS there sonmething special that has to be done
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Re: moving database between volumes

Hello Mark,

The FSERR 55 is a result of moving the database file across volume sets which is not supported. Moving database files within the same volume set should work.
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Re: moving database between volumes


If you have MPEX you can do a COPY command to copy the database across volume sets. Don't do it while the database is open.

If you don't have MPEX you might just have to do a STORE and a RESTORE and specify which device you want the restore done to..

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Re: moving database between volumes

I tried to restore the database files to a different device on a different volume set by using a DEV=3 option in the restore command. The files were still restored to the system volume set. The following message was logged in the list file:

MPEXL_SYSTEM_VOLUME_SET :S 24304 PRIV 1 - 1 768 1 32
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