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Why I cannot make lan0 lan card up?

I am trying to let my HP 9000/300 system go through the internet.(it worke one or two years ago,for this time I use another static IP address because we moved the system )
But I even cann't ping myself IP address now.
(I used ifconfig to set IP,netmask...I checked /etc/hosts,netstat -rn...)
I use lanscan to find the information below:
21 0x080009352A952 0 DOWN lan0 DOWN 3 ETHER IEEE8023
So this means lan0 is down.
I use ifconfig lan0 up,but it didn't work.It showed up no such interface.But I can use ifconfig lo0 up or down.
So what is the problem?Maybe the lan0 card is bad or I haven't set something right?
BTW,my HP UNIX OP systen is very old(maybe 10 years),I think it is version 0.0,But I think the ifconfig command should be the same.
I need helps!
Thank you very much.
Billy Kidd
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Re: Why I cannot make lan0 lan card up?

what is the output from the ifconfig?
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Re: Why I cannot make lan0 lan card up?

I believe this indicates the lancard is not seeing the network. On rule I've found with HP servers and workstations is that they must be connected to the network BEFORE they are booted.

Is the cable properly connected to the hub or switch. Maybe changing the port on the hub and/or rebooting the server will help.

Until the lancard is in the "hardware" up state, you will not be able to configure the lancard.

After you get the lancard functional, you will need to set a gateway that will allow you to get to the Internet. The gateway must be on the same subnet as the server; and it must be accessible by the server.
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Re: Why I cannot make lan0 lan card up?

I am very glad to get helps!
when I use command ifconfig lan0 it comes out:
lan0: flags=62
inet IP netmask ffffff00 broadcast ...
(But each time I reboot the system I need to reconfig the lan0,the system cann't AUTO config when it was booting,something showed that sytem tryed to config but just can not find such interface,when I run ifconfig lan0 up it also showed ifconfig : no such interface)
And I am sure that the port that HP server plug in is good because my WIN98 PC can access the INTERNET through this port.
BTW,there is a transciever between the lan card and the port(I use the lan BNC port),and the lighters on it seem ok.
So,what can I do now?Why the lan0 lan card can not be active?And each time I try to ping myself static IP address it shows: no route to host.
I do need more helps!
Thanks a lot!
billy Kidd

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Re: Why I cannot make lan0 lan card up?

Check the /etc/rc.config.d/netconf file and update it with the new ip address including subnet mask and gateway addresses. Then you can run ifconfig lan0 up
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Re: Why I cannot make lan0 lan card up?

The last suggestion will not work, as this system will not run HP-UX 10.x
it is probably at 8.x or 9.x
Do uname -a to get OS revision.
Network info is kept in a file called /etc/netlinkrc at these older revs.

I also think that from your explanatiion, you have plugged in the BNC connetcor, but there is also a transceiver?

these do not auto select, you would need to remove the card on which the lan port is, and verify whether there is a slector bank to elect AUI or internal transceiver to allow you to use the BNC.

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Re: Why I cannot make lan0 lan card up?

Is this a second card, or one that is built into the core IO? (I'm assuming Core IO, as it's lan0).

can you go to sam, network, network interfaces?

This should allow you to configure via menus.

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