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TurboImage Database Update by 2 or more Accounts (165 Views)
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TurboImage Database Update by 2 or more Accounts

Database Version : TURBOIMAGE/IX HP30391 C.08.00
OS : MPE ix 6.5

How to secure an image database - I need to allow a database to be accessed by certain users in certain accounts only.


There is a database named DefaulterDB located in Group Db and Account Defaulters. (Defaulterdb@.Db.Defaulters)
Certain Users from Account Rental and Bussiness_Loan are allowed to access (read and update) the database.
The users allowed are Online.Rental and Online.Loan only.
Others users are allowed to read the database only, update is disallowed.

I have an idea of doing the following :


2. To login , Online.Rental and Online.Loan will have to provide
Account (Rental) password or Account (Loan) password
User (online) password User (online) password
User Id User Id
User password User Password

Is there a better way of securing the database?
How to make use of security option ( Security: passwords, classes, levels, read/write lists) in Adager ?
Can user types of AL or GL as access parameters for ALTGROUP be used to enforce the securiy?
( The user types are specified as follows:
ANY = Any user
AC = Member of this account only
GU = Member of this group only
AL = Account librarian user only
GL = Group librarian user only)
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Re: TurboImage Database Update by 2 or more Accounts

What type of program are you using to access the databases?

When you created your database did you set it up with different read read/write passwords?
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