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Sybase performance

I have a sybase dataserver process that runs high cpu with a wait state on PRI. Attached is a glance snapshot. Freshly installed 11.00 O/S with current patches applied. The DBA's are trying to a large table. Any clues?
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Re: Sybase performance

Has the database been tuned? Has the table been indexed? Look at your cache hit ratios. They should be in the high 90s.

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Re: Sybase performance


It has been a long time since I have dealt with Sybase, but...welcome to Sybase. There is a reason you configure N-1 dataservers (where N is the number of CPUs). Each dataserver process will consume a CPU, even when the database is "quiet". Maybe someone will tell us that this is antiquated knowledge.

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Re: Sybase performance

Does the machine run other applikations also? It seems that you have more CPUs availible that you might consider to run Sybase on. The parameter "Online engines" states how many processes it should run. Inside Sybase, sp_sysmon shows how Sybase thinks of its performance.

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