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Oracle 9i and "max_thread_proc"

I use Oracle 9i I would like to know if it has some parameters recommended for “max_thread_proc” for oracle for this parameter, is thus.

Max No. of Threads Allowed in Each Process

max_thread_proc 256 256 Static N/A
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Re: Oracle 9i and "max_thread_proc"

Depends on which Oracle 9i product you are using. We're running 64-bit database with max_thread_proc = 128, with no problems. (Yet). For Oracle Management Server 9i, Oracle recommends a value of 1024 or higher. I can't find the 9i database on Metalink, but 10g database requires 256 as the minimum value.
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Re: Oracle 9i and "max_thread_proc"

Hi Lucas, Oracle recommends a value of 256 in max_thread_proc parameter.

Take a look at this powerpoint, it may help you a lot.

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Re: Oracle 9i and "max_thread_proc"

I remember we had occurences where oracle wouldn't come up with max_thread_proc=512 and now it's standarized to 2048 at our site.

Don't remember the gory details, but it's related to using a dedicated or shared server and the amount of user sessions You face. :)
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Re: Oracle 9i and "max_thread_proc"

Decided problem modifying parameter max_thread_proc was with 256 modified for 1024.

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