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HP-UX, Oracle, Omniback

HP-UX 11i
Oracle 9i
Omniback II A.04.10

How do you make the above mentioned work together in terms of agents, patches, installation etc? The rest of the server (excluding Oracle databases) are being backed up already.
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Re: HP-UX, Oracle, Omniback

The integration guide explains this in some detail:





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Re: HP-UX, Oracle, Omniback

you can separately stop oracle database and listener then do a backup. After finishing restart the database. For this write a script and enter it in the prior and post command execution fields of OB-II. This will do the required.

Or you can configure in OB-II itself, see in agent installation.
Also refer documents at

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Re: HP-UX, Oracle, Omniback


If you're running the Enterprise Edition of 9i you might consider using the Recovery Manager (RMAN) to perform backups. This allows you to run online backup to disk or directly to tape (local tape).

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Re: HP-UX, Oracle, Omniback

Not quite sure what you are asking but as for patches both Oracle and OmniBack have some pre requisites to be installed first. And OmniBack 4.1 has some patches to be installed afterwards.
As for Oracle db backup you can ether stop the db and do a backup of it and restart it (all thru pre- and post-exec scripts) or by the OmniBack Oracle integration and do it online. Which to choose depends on db uptime and money.
I would also suggest scheduling the OmniBack db backup as a separate schedule, to be done after the other backup is finished.

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Re: HP-UX, Oracle, Omniback

In addition the the OB2 Database integrations (which are an add-on to OB2 and use RMAN) let me give you a Plan B which has almost all the benefits of a hotbackup with the safety of a cold backup.

1) Shutdown Oracle
2) Using OnlineJFS make snapshot mounts of all the database filesystems
3) Start Database
***** Steps 1-3 should take at most 2-3 minutes
4) Backup the snapshots
5) Remove the snapshot mounts

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