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Find Databases

How can I generate a list of all the All Base Databases on a system and which ldevs they are located on?
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Re: Find Databases


If you have MPEX from Vesoft, using their listf,4 will provied a listing of where all the extents are located.

%listf @.@.@(code=db),4

Depending on which version of MPEX the syntax for the 'code=' will vary.


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Re: Find Databases

Hello Mark,

The Allbase DBE and DBEfiles have respectively filecode of -491 and -493.

Try this dummy :STORE command which provides the list of DBE files however it won't give you the Ldev#:

FILE T=$NULL <---dummy tape device
STORE @.@.@;*T;SHOW;FCRANGE=-493/-491

Like Chuck suggested, if you have MPEX utility from VeSoft, the following command will give you all databases files including IMAGE DBs and ALLBASE DBEs:

%listf @.@.@(code=PRIV),4
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Re: Find Databases


There is another way to do this if you don't have MPEX. You can use the LISTFILE command. It has many options that you can specify but here is one example using the file codes that Emile provided:


There are several options for the format, just do a HELP LISTFILE,ALL to see a list of your choices.

I like the MPEX format the best but it's nice to have choices.

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Re: Find Databases

A big file can spread on multiple ldevs.
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Re: Find Databases

Mark and Dan,

Yep the MPEX solution is nice, but I like Dan's option.
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