adding client in DP Cell Manager (1468 Views)
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pankaj gupta delhi
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adding client in DP Cell Manager

while i am adding a client(win2k3) in DP Cell Manager(Win2k3) , It is showing error as
[Normal] Valid username and password must be specified...

[Normal] Connecting to client

[Critical] [110:1027] Error connecting to client:
[6] The handle is invalid.

[Normal] Installation session finished on Sunday, December 19, 2010, 12:36:04 AM.

Session completed with errors!
please write what is the issue and how i can resolve it
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Husain Al-Habib
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Re: adding client in DP Cell Manager

Good Day,,,
If you are installing DP agent on the server for the 1â st time, then you need to provide a user name & password for a user with admin right on the target server.
TaeSang Kim
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Re: adding client in DP Cell Manager

Step 1. modify hosts file on both client and Cell Manager(Input ip and hostname)

Step 2. add client with client hostname

Step 3. Select module do you want to install on client.

Step 4. input administrator id & password when popup windows

I think you can it simply. If you have same problem ping the client from Cell Manager
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Re: adding client in DP Cell Manager



I have a multi home machine  where the backup ip of the client machine is able to communicate  to HP data protector  server, but I get teh error 110:1027 network path not found when try to add the client in windows .  It asks for teh username and password. which username and password it is asking?

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Antonio Carlon
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Re: adding client in DP Cell Manager

Hi pankaj gupta delhi,


normally I prefer to use DNS, with PTRs records, instead Host File.

What happen when you use the nslookup command, with fqdn, in both Cell Manager and client?

Have you disabled the personal firewall on Cell Manager?

The username and password asked can be a domain administrator that can manages the client.






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