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What DP version for vSphere 5.1?

Hi we're currently on vSphere 5.0 U1 and on DP v6.20.  I'm the ESX Admin and am thinking about upgrading our environment (vCenter and ESXi hosts) to version 5.1.


My question, what version of Data Protector should I request our Backup Admin to get us to prior to my vSphere upgrade?  Also, if someone could provide a high-level order of upgrade operations, I would greatly appreciate it!




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Re: What DP version for vSphere 5.1?

I've rised an enhancement request to add vSphere 5.1 support to the support matrix. At least Data Protector 7.01 is working with vSphere 5.1. I've seen that. Running the latest patches 6.21 should work, too.


If you're not in a rush, wait until official support has been added to Data Protector. This ensures backup and restore are fully supported and you'll get help in case something does not work as expected.




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Re: What DP version for vSphere 5.1?

Hi @ll,


are there any news if Vsphere 5.1 and HP Data Protector V7 are compatible and officially supported?

Or do we still have to wait until its  approved from both sides?

Tnx in advance for your answers!





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Re: What DP version for vSphere 5.1?

Officially 5.01 not supported.maybe you have to wait for a patch or DP8.0 version

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Re: What DP version for vSphere 5.1?



If you use 5.1 U2 you can easily go to 8.1x or 9.0x.


For futher informations see here:



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