OmniBack II exclusion wildcards (51 Views)
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OmniBack II exclusion wildcards

Does Omniback II v A.03.50 on HP UX 11.0 accept wildcards?

My server has a common directory structure across filesystems. How can I include only:
in my exclusion list?

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Joseph T. Wyckoff
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Re: OmniBack II exclusion wildcards

First the bad news, then the bad news...

I don't know how to use 'regular expressions' on UX...and they are simply irrelevant on NT.

There may be a solution, but I don't know how long you will wait to get it, so here are my thoughts.

I think there is a known issue with excludes and 3.5, due to be fixed in a patch. This may wind up biting you. In some cases, excludes just plain don't work. I do not know the details, so by all means give it a try.

Secondly if wildcards worked - I think they would be evaluated once, not at each backup, so this creates some ambiguity. Bottom line is I don't know.

You may be better off doing something like this:

1. Create/save a template with only one exclude.
2. use command line tools to create a text list of the files and directories you wish to exclude
3. find the template datalist/backup specification (/etc/opt/omni/datalists)
4. Copy it, and paste in the paths you wish to exclude, using the syntax you see in the template.

Because this is a bit unwieldy, you may want to separate this into several backups.

You may do better with selective includes, rather than excludes.

If you have a problem generating or running a job created with the NT GUI, use the UX GUI, or vice versa - I think one of the two has a problem with the exclude syntax - but that is rumour and innuendo

Again watch for patches in the future.

Finally - if those directories contents are not changing - perhaps an incremental backup will ignore what you want to be ignored?

Good Luck.
Omniback and NT problems? double check name resolution, DNS/HOSTS...
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Alex Glennie
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Re: OmniBack II exclusion wildcards

Found the following on wildcarding & Omniback :

OmniBackII already has (since A.01.00) some of the required functionality.
Two options exist:

(needs *just* directory name or file name, wildcards are
allowed, but not documented in the Manual)

(needs *just* filename, wildcards are allowed)

Eg. If software created tmpX* directories, user should use -exclude
tmpX*, not -exclude /somepath/tmpXsdfhs /somepath/tmpXdfhgj ...
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