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OMNIBACK II 3.1 Import failed


I have a little Problem. I want to install OB-Agent remotly on NT4 Server. It looks fine until Ob tries to import the client into its DB. There comes Error 110:1008 Import failed. What should this be??? Help

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Re: OMNIBACK II 3.1 Import failed

Check the Inet service on the client.
You can try telnet 5555.
You should get a reply that the service is Omniback with the Build version etc.
Let me know if this works.

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Re: OMNIBACK II 3.1 Import failed

I have seen that sometimes. If the import fails during the installation try this:

a. Try to do the import from the Cell Manager
if fails, then
b. Try to reinstall the NT client again, if it fails,
c. Check on the NT client, Control Panel, services, and try restarting the Omniback service, and repeat steps a and b.
d. Also, if the NT client had a previous version of omniback, it is necessary to delete the account information in the service.

Hope this helps.
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Re: OMNIBACK II 3.1 Import failed

Be sure the client can resolve itself and the cell manager by name, i.e, with nslookup. I have seen this cause problems of this sort in the past.
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Re: OMNIBACK II 3.1 Import failed

This will occcur if the client has been part of another cell at some time and still has the confiuration files on teh client. Try installing all these first and the importing it.
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Re: OMNIBACK II 3.1 Import failed

Try the following

Whether you are using DNS or the Host file - make sure the client and the cell manager can resolve to each other. This is one of the most common reasons that the import fails. Once the client and the the Cell manager can see each other -uninstall the OB software from the client and reinstall. Make sure that when you do the reinstallation - you indicate the hostname of the cell manager and not the IP Address. Once that is complete try doing the import again from the cell manager.

Remember it is extremely important that the cell manager and the client can see each other via the hostname.

Good Luck.
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