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Hyper-V cluster Backup


Good Afternoon

I presented a serious problem when it comes to supporting a Hyper-V cluster, it creates a shared folder located on C: / / ClusterStorage for Windows Explorer I see perfectly but when I back it with DataProtector I get this blank.


There are contained all the virtual machines and all virtual disks and it's something urgent to be backed up.


Someone has this happened or know how to fix it.



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Re: Hyper-V cluster Backup

if you want to backup your vm's online you have to use the Virtual Agent Online Integration (preferrably) or the VSS Online Integration...


if you want to backup your vm's offline (turning off you vm prior to the backup), you can backup that folder specifying it as a network share.


but pay attention that, if you backup your vm's turned on without one of the online integrations mentioned you will not have guarantee of consistency of their data...


so, either online with one of the integrations (need license...), or offline (with vm's turned off) configuring a network share backup...

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Re: Hyper-V cluster Backup

I am having some issue with Hyper-V backup configuration in DP6.2.  During setup, I can't see tree. I just see cluster (virtual cluster  hostname) and can't select anything. Looks like some issue. Any advice will be great.


Also, any patch for DP6.2 hyper-v ?



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Re: Hyper-V cluster Backup



I have the same problem: did you find a solution?



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Re: Hyper-V cluster Backup


You need to setup the Hyper-V integration as Zigoze has stated. Do not try and backup the VM's using a filesytsem backup. You will be disappointed.

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Re: Hyper-V cluster Backup

With the Hyper-V integration you will want to be sure you are fully patched and these patches are distributed to each node of the cluster. Read the Virtualization guide on the installation details.

NOTE: When you are setting up the integration for the nodes be sure that you use the Windows NT Domain Name in the credentials dialog box. It is labeled "Domain". Some will input their DNS Domain Name there and this simply will not work.

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