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Data Protector trying to use wrong TCP port

I have a couple of servers which, when I run a backup, are trying to connect on random port numbers rather than port 5555. For example, I just ran two test backups on the same client and it tried to use port 2634 first, then 3672 the next time.
This is a problem as the servers are behind a firewall so the disk agent fails to contact the media agent and the backup fails.
Has anyone any idea why this happens and how to prevent it? The clients are the latest version (6.10) and I have tried reinstalling etc.
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Re: Data Protector trying to use wrong TCP port

DP uses 5555 to initiate tasks such as backups/restores etc by connecting to the DP inet. This starts other processes, which can use random ports to communicate. To manage this in a fire-walled setup, DP provides some omnirc variables - OB2PORTRANGE and OB2PORTRANGESPEC. For more information on configuring DP in such a manner, search for 'firewall' in DP's online help.
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Re: Data Protector trying to use wrong TCP port

Thanks for this info, I have managed to resolve the issue. If anyone is interested how to do it, I did the following, after reading the help page called 'Disk Agent in the DMZ':

1. On each media server (servers attached to the tape drives), I created a file named C:\Program Files\OmniBack\omnirc and added the following line:


2. Restarted the 'Data Protector Inet' service on each media server

3. Added a firewall rule which allowed servers behind the firewall to communicate with the media servers on TCP ports 18000-18009

It now works. The port numbers can be set to whatever you like, by the way.
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Re: Data Protector trying to use wrong TCP port


im having same problem. loading of tape and starting the disk agent are working ok but when it is communication with the media agant i encountered the below error. My client is located on dmz. you said the issue been resolved by adding the ob2portrange on each medai agent server.

In my case i have mixed environement. if i will add this onmy omnirc on my media agent what happened to those other system that are not located on the dmz?

[Critical] From: BDA-NET@er3as "/tmp" Time: 8/24/2009 8:55:18 AM
Cannot connect to Media Agent on system er3as , port 54458 (IPC Cannot Connect
System error: [110] Connection timed out
) => aborting.
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Re: Data Protector trying to use wrong TCP port


if the OB2PORTRANGE and OB2PORTRANGESPEC values are applied to whole cell clients, so you must use enough ports to allow your environnement to work properly.

Take a look at the DP admin guide for the firewall configuration to calculate the port range needed for your environnement.

PS: Don"t forget to configure your FIREWALL according to the DP defined port range.

Good Luck.

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