Supporting DevOps processes with 11 new announcements from HP Software

In case you hadn’t worked it out, I’m an apps nut. I believe that software, and apps in particular, have never been more important to an enterprise’s ability to differentiate and innovate. Every org I meet is under increasing pressure to deliver applications faster because I believe, apps have a shelf-life.


Yep, just like last week’s bread, apps get crusty, moldy and ultimately useless. They are perishable goods and just like any other kind of inventory, any application that is stuck development and not in production creates waste and reduces agility. A situation that’s made all the more challenging due to constantly changing business needs.



One of the primary causes of delays is the touch points between different parts of the IT organization. Each of these groups has their own systems, processes and documentation they need to meet their objectives. But these hand-offs create complexity and add delays meaning that by the time they deliver their apps, it’s too late.


The cloud providers have gotten this idea right. When was the last time you noticed Facebook, Google or Flickr upgraded their applications? The answer is they typically deploy tens of changes a day. But they’re only able to do that by thinking differently and enterprises are hoping to catch up.


In fact a top research group recently estimated that by 2016, 40% of App Dev organizations will have joint initiatives with operations in support of continuous delivery and simplified release management. 


The name for this new collaborative approach is DevOps, and it is taking ideas that were once the exclusive domain of the largest cloud providers and democratizing them with HP Software so that every enterprise can be more agile. In fact, last week at HP Discover, HP Software announced 11 new or updated software solutions.


DevOps: five new capabilities for developers:

  1. HP Application Lifecycle Management 11.5. It provides executives with improved visibility into the complete application development lifecycle using the exciting new HP Enterprise Collaboration technology to enable social media-style, context-based conversations between key stakeholders. Teams can now collaborate on business requirements, check the status of development, test-runs and defects as well as allow interested parties to subscribe to all of this information through RSS feeds, just like they would a blog. And new pre-configured reports track the progress of application development allowing teams to make even faster and more accurate decisions
  2. HP Application Lifecycle Intelligence 2.6 , which adds support for the source-code control platform Git, an open-source project that is used widely by some of the today’s hottest cloud companies.
  3. HP Performance Center 11.5, which introduces a new Continuous Application Performance Delivery capability that enables operations and testing teams to share real-time performance data from our new Application Performance Management 9.2 solution, which is described in greater detail below.
  4. HP LoadRunner 11.5 simplifies and automates application testing. It simplifies the scripting process and reduces time to create load testing scripts by 25 to 75% according to our beta customers. These same beta customers love the new Virtual User Generator that now supports testing for Internet Explorer 9, HTML5, 64bit computing environments and IPv6 which was permanently enabled by major providers on June 6th.
  5. Lab Management Automation solution automates the laborious and error-prone build verification testing process so that applications are automatically tested every time a developer’s nightly build is completed.  This ensures the desired performance, functionality and security of applications prior to production. Lab Management Automation reduces the typical time to set up a test environment from a week to a few hours at most. By not tying up resources with unused applications environments, the efficiency of test labs jumps from 20% to upwards of 60%. One beta customer estimates this solution will deliver innovations 70% sooner and with a 25% reduction in cost.


Once an application is built using those five capabilities, we need to ensure it stays up, running and performing in production. This is where HP Application Performance Management 9.2 for the Cloud comes in. With its four major enhancements, it empowers clients seeking to improve application management in both private cloud and public cloud environments.


As with our ALM solutions, HP APM 9.2 simplifies “DevOps” processes to improve collaboration between development and operations teams. The four specific new updates include:

  1. HP SiteScope 11.2, which is our solution to monitor apps, websites and critical infrastructure. By simplifying the sharing of HP SiteScope configuration information between production and test environments, the need to manually re-enter the information within each team is eliminated.
  2. HP Diagnostics 9.2, which introduces new workflows to simplify the rapid exchange of detailed performance diagnostics between developers and IT Operations experts.
  3. HP Real User Monitor 9.2, which now provides real-time metrics on the end-users actual experience of production application performance to both Ops and Apps teams. We’ve delivered new capability across all of APM 9.2 to monitor application performance via mobile devices. Critically, APM 9.2 enables clients to better monitor and test cloud applications, identifying issues within the application including brand new support for HP Cloud Services.
  4. Finally there is HP Software Professional Services for Application Lifecycle Management and HP Lab Management Foundation Service, which shorten time to business value for ALM 11.5 and help clients establish DevOps processes.

To get great at delivering apps requires more than just an infrastructure hammer or a bag of automation doorknobs. DevOps calls for an integrated combination of processes, cloud services, converged infrastructure and automated systems for testing, automating, securing and predicting application performance in order to have the confidence needed to accelerate innovation.


To help get you started the team has announced eight new promotions and trial software packages, to learn more check out these HP Software promotional offers from Discover.


Pump it up! 




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