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Take control of Oracle license reconciliation with HP Software

HP Universal Discovery.pngWith our latest release of Universal Discovery for Oracle LMS 1.1, we’ve gone to the next level to stay in sync with Oracle for being a “verified” product in the Oracle LMS space, as well as making sure our customers have the tools at their fingertips to ensure compliance at all times.


If you have any doubts as to how effective your organization is at managing your Oracle licensing, read on to get the upper hand and to manage licensing and stay ahead of the curve for 2014 and beyond.

Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability Detection – Using HP Universal Discovery & UCMDB

Heartbleed figure 4.pngOn April 7, 2014, a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library went viral across multiple media outlets and news organizations.


This vulnerability allows attackers to eavesdrop on communications and steal data directly from services and users, including the ability to impersonate services and users.


Sounds pretty bad, right? Read on further if you want to know how HP Universal Discovery is already ahead of the curve to handle this issue.


With assistance from Wei, Wei (Xeric, HPSW-R&D-SH) & Yue, Song (Ben, CMS R&D)

and Brian T. Miller (Sr. Product Marketing Manager)

Reminder - Call for HP Discover 2014 CMS presenters

discover13_banner_295x101.jpgAre you an HP customer or partner who is an industry leader by implementing your Configuration Management System (CMS) or Universal CMDB (UCMDB)?


We invite you to share your CMS or UCMDB success story at this year’s HP Discover event in Las Vegas June 10-12.   


Keep reading to find out how you can share your success story!

Take control of Oracle license reconciliation with HP Software

EWC_Performance_Group.jpgHow many applications vendors do you deal with? Can you count them on one hand or do you need at least two? IT shops are often forced to deal with dozens of applications vendors.


Each vendor has their own way of license reconciliation while capturing or reviewing your software asset environment.


And, dealing with the challenge of staying in-sync with your software vendors as a whole, much less just one, is a daunting challenge for even the most experienced IT Professional.


The optimal place to start in this situation is to understand the use case that provides your strongest foundation to build your software license management and controls.


If you have any doubt as to how effective your organization is at managing your Oracle licensing, read on to get the upper hand and to manage licensing ahead of the curve in 2014.

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CMS Pitfalls – 4 to navigate around (or through)

Let’s face it, implementing a Configuration Management System (CMS) or a

Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is a Pitfall.pngdaunting challenge—even for the most experienced IT professional.


The problem is that they can become too large in scope too fast. Obtaining access to the right data is challenging at times—to say the least. Executive ownership and sponsoring can be complicated. And, creating the right Configuration Management team takes tenacity.


There are four major areas of potential disaster to navigate if you want your initiative to be successful: Scope Creep, Security, Politics and Organization Structure.


Read further if you can relate to these issues and want to know what you can do about them.

Happy New Year! Consider it a fresh start

HP Run.jpgSometimes the data you have in your Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is not the data your organization needs. And, when this happens, some tough decisions have to be made on whether you should continue down your current track or if it is best to just refresh.


As we start 2014 I have a question for you: Is it time to dump the data you have and start over with discovery? Read on if you have any question in your mind as to the value of the current data in your CMDB.

Have you seen the HP CMS integration for HP Service Anywhere?

CMS.jpgIf you look under the tree today, I have an early present for you to open! This present brings together the best of two worlds and will help you increase efficiency in your configuration management system.


To find out what it is, continue reading and learn how HP CMS has just gotten better.

What’s new for HP CMS v10.10

Do you want to learn what is new and exciting for the latest version of the HP CMS software portfolio?


Well, there are on of new features and functionality for this latest release of HP UCMDB and HP Universal Discovery that I want to tell you about today!


There are lots of great things like: support for IPv6 and PostgreSQL, the latest HP UCMDB Browser 3.0, and most notably, we now support up to 60 million Configuration Items within the UCMDB.


Keep reading to learn more about this latest release from HP Software.

COBIT5 : Where Configuration Management Systems optimize your IT Management.

UCMDB integrations.pngYour IT department depends on its assets to support the organization. But if IT doesn’t understand the relationship of all of these assets together—work is increasingly more complicated.


Users have multiple definitions of “configuration management” and these differences can impact its effectiveness and how it is used. Continue reading to learn how you can maximize Configuration Management in your IT.


Guest post by Myles Suer, Senior Manager, ITPM Field and Partner Evangelism 


What's the value for a CMDB or CMS?

CMSThere are companies out there who have made second, third, and even fourth-time implementation efforts to achieve value out of a CMDB or CMS. They know there is inherent value, but getting to the value seems to be a bigger challenge than they realize.


In this blog post, I will share some common use cases  where many customers achieve focused value. However,  I recomend remembering the golden rules for managing your scope creep-- keep security teams close, and always, always strive to overcome the political dance where ownership or other boundary issues arise.


CMDB and CMS are worth it, you just have to know where to look for the value.

Virtual investment board at HP Discover 2013

The Americas edition of HP Discover took place in Las Vegas from June 11th to June 13th. As usual, this was a great opportunity for the CMS product team to interact with many of you in different settings (special interest group, round tables, breakout sessions, and individual meetings throughout the week).


Read on to see what the results of a virtual investment board were.


HP Configuration Management Systems (CMS): New Special Interest Group (SIG) for HP CMS in BeNeLux

The “CMS SIG” as you know it, is traditionally hosted twice a year during the HP Discover events and led by the Product Organization. With the support of Product Management and R&D, the HP Software field organization in EMEA is starting a new SIG initiative this fall.


Presenting the HP CMS Special Interest Group BeNeLux. Membership is free of charge and by invitation only. The initial 25 customers from The Netherlands and Belgium have been invited to the first edition which is scheduled for the 18th of September. We are looking at extending this opportunity to other countries and/or sub-regions so please stay tuned.


For the latest news and updates please follow us on Twitter: @HPITSM #CMS


The World of Configuration Management Hurts, but Welcome

Some things never change.  Configuration Management isn't one of them.  Building a CMS is akin to building a house on a beach:   Your foundation and direction is ever changing.  You have the ocean at your back, sand under your feet, and you never have fewer than five "bosses", not to mention a never-ending tide of potential consumers and providers - many, bad.  Yet, somehow, work gets done.  Yes, I said "art", but it's actually  about as much work as it is art.    Welcome to my world.   So how DO we not merely survive, but get Gartner and EMA awards?  The answer is simpler than you think.

HP UCMDB Development Center (UDC Version 0.9) Beta: Easily Manage Your Content Development

With it’s Jython scripts based, open discovery framework, we’ve always encouraged HP UCMDB and HP Universal Discovery (UD) users to develop and share discovery and integration content for HP Universal Discovery (and before that DDMA). To help foster that development, we recently announced a beta release of the HP Universal CMDB Development Center (UDC) tool available now from HP Live Network.


Read on for more information.

HP UCMDB Browser 2.2: What It Means for You

We are pleased to announce HP UCMDB browser, version 2.2, which was released last month.  HP UCMDB browser 2.2 boasts improvements to several of the existing capabilities and introduces two brand new features we hope will make your lives that much easier.  Read on to find out what HP UCMDB browser 2.2 means for you!dorbach.jpg

HP Configuration Management System (CMS): Meet the Team Behind Configuration Manager, UCMDB and UD

Welcome! We are the team behind HP Configuration Management System including HP Configuration Manager, HP UCMDB and HP Universal Discovery (UD) and we wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves to you. Without further ado, we invite you to meet us, the CMS team. 

Discover and ye shall find

Let me take this blog post as an opportunity to introduce myself.

KaranChhinaI am Karan Chhina, the Product Manager for HP Universal Discovery (UD) since January of 2013. For over seven years before that, I have held various roles at HP, those of an architect, developer and technical consultant in the R&D and support organizations at HP Software, working on products such as UCMDB, UD, DDMA, Configuration Manager and Release Control, going all the way back to older versions of Mercury Application Mapping (MAM).

As the Product Manager for UD, I am laser-focused on delivering a best-of-breed discovery solution that is regularly updated with discovery and integration content, and provides accurate, up-to-date data to help support processes such as Change and Configuration Management, Service Management and Asset Management including Software License Compliance Management in organizations.

I'll be using this space to voice my thoughts and opinions on topics surrounding application discovery & dependency mapping, configuration management and their surrounding topics, so be sure to bookmark this blog and visit often to read the latest and greatest articles.

Leveraging Universal Discovery for Oracle Compliance

Oracle Compliance.jpg Have you considered that the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is more than just a facilitator for data flow or integrations with your IT Service or Asset Management suite?


Well, there's more to the value proposition story in having a CMDB when you bring Software Asset Management and compliance activities into the mix. This is especially ture if you are a customer looking to cut costs, reduce IT waste or identify areas which can fund other initiatives.


Read on to learn how HP Universal Discovery directly supports Asset Manager compliance and licensing activities to ensure full compliance for Oracle licensing.

HP Universal CMDB (UCMDB) and HP Service Anywhere (SAW): What the Integration Means for You

Did you know that HP Universal CMDB (UCMDB) and HP Service Anywhere (SAW) can work together to give you the perfect solution to elevate the investment you make for an on-premise Configuration Management System, to be used also on the cloud with HP Service Anywhere?


Welcome to the CMS Blog!

Brian Miller.pngWelcome to the NEW HP CMS blog. We have developed this blog to address the specific needs of the CMS market.

CMS is experiencing a transitional period of time and I believe easier adoption is evolving for customers. Unlike ITIL some years ago, use cases and solutions for CMS are no longer only for data consumption, but instead to drive real revenue savings like software license compliance via discovery or using a hybrid discovery for discovery in a data center initiative and on-going for continuous management.


Keep reading to find out more about me and my vision for CMS.

Welcome to the new configuration management system blog!

Isn't it about time for the configuration management system to have its own space for blogging? Today is your lucky day, because here we are. Join us to discuss configuration management, cmdb, discovery and more

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