laserjet 3600 issue (138 Views)
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laserjet 3600 issue

This printer just gets stuck in calibrating. tried replacing the formatter. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Re: laserjet 3600 issue

I had a unit doing the same thing. I performed both firmware updates and the unit works. I connected the printer via usb and created a share name. Like it says in the instructions I used the copy command at a DOS prompt. Hit enter after entering the command when you see the hp logo on the printer or when it says "initializing..." It's too late if the printer has all ready started calibrating.

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Re: laserjet 3600 issue

In order to reach a "Ready" state skip or bypass calibration at power-on.
Perform the following:
Turn the printer on and watch the control panel display.
When the display begins showing the memory count, press and hold the DOWN
ARROW until all three lights on the control panel are lit.
Press the UP ARROW.
Press MENU, the display should show SKIP DISK LOAD.
Press the UP ARROW until SKIP CALIBRATION is highlighted.
Press the SELECT BUTTON, the printer will skip calibration and then continue
its power-on sequence.
1.Open the front door and check if the black plastic part is on the white
plastic bushing on the ETB left hand side.
Print the configuration page and ensure that the DC Controller FW is the
latest revision.
If you cannot skip calibration and the printer is in a continuous
calibration cycle you may upgrade the DC controller FW by power cycling the printer while leaving one toner cartridge out of the printer. This inhibits
the calibration yet leave an open signal with the Jet Direct Card allowing for
update. Wait with installing the toner cartridge until the firmware is updated
and the printer cycles itself.
2. a) Check the event log for multiple instances of 54.01. If many occurrences
are present replace the environmental sensor. If this does not resolve the
issue replace the dc controller.
Environtmental Sensor (aka temperature sensor) part number: WP2-5214-000CN
DC Controller part number: CLJ 3000 - RM1-2600-120CN, CLJ 3600/3800 - RM1-2580-
b) If no 54.01 errors are present update the formatter firmware, ensure
genuine HP toner cartridges are in use. Have the customer replace any that are
not. If the issue persists continue to the next step.
3. a) With the printer in a "Ready" state, enter the DIAGNOSTICS menu.
Scroll down and select BLACK LASER SCANNER.
Press the check mark button to execute test.
The test should run approximately 10 seconds in a good working printer. If the
printer is not functioning correctly the laser scanner may not run, or it may
run for approximately 5 seconds and abort. Continue testing other laser
If scanners fail, replace laser scanner.
b) Check the event log for any 51.xx laser scanner errors. If many occurrences
are present replace the laser scanner.
Laser Scanner part number: CLJ 3000 - RM1-2952-000CN, CLJ 3600/3800 - RM1-2640-
4. Replace the ETB. Part number:
Duplex - RM1-2752-100CN
Simplex - RM1-2759-090CN
5. Replace the DC controller.
Part number: CLJ 3000 - RM1-2600-120CN, CLJ 3600/3800 - RM1-2580-120CN

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