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5150 top cover issue

I have recently changed my deskjet printer's cartridge (found it very difficult, I must say, the instructions are a bit iffy :S) but now it appears that nothing will print, it keeps coming up with the message that the top cover is up (when it's not). I've checked many times, and have even taken out the cartridges and put them in again to be sure, but I still keep getting the same message.

Any ideas as to what could be wrong? I'd like to avoid having to get someone out to fix it, but if I have to resort to that then I probably will.
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Re: 5150 top cover issue

Hi Sara,

The top cover has a sensor on it that tells the printer (and computer) when it is open. This is to prevent you being hurt by the printer when it is in motion (but I am sure you knew that already).

The design of the sensor is not the best in MHO as it is able to stick. To locate the sensor you have to check the inside of the top cover on the right hand edge. You should feel/see a small triangle of plastic sticking straight out at 90 degrees to the cover.

This triangle fits into a slot in the casing right by the edge of the main body of the printer (right by where the inks sit). In that slot you will find a small plastic lever that is the sensor mechanism. Try pushing that gently with a pen or other similar object. If you can hold that in and the printer stops blinking at you (telling you your cover is open) then you have your problem solved.
Check out http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/genericDocument?cc=us&docname=c00035263&lc=en
for details on what the blinking lights mean.

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